Thursday, 27 September 2012

Beautiful online shop launch!

If like me you prefer an internet browse to a fight your way through the crowds shop - I do like a twice yearly seasonal browse but then I'm done - then new girly girl online store Beauty & the Boutique is a refreshing addition.

Launch yesterday by the lovely Katie, a friend and a wonderful make up artist who I've had many a hilarious styling job with, I can put my hand on my heart and say you will love it! Beauty & the Boutique is a fabulous reflection of Katie, her style and taste. Even better you have access to top make up and style tips. Katie is the sort of person who when you see her you want her look. She does it with ease and I'm happily putting myself in the category vicarious shopper because I trust her.

Before the online boutique opened Katie sent me one of her items, a gorgeous hot pink top. The parcel was a delight to receive and I got the full customer experience treatment and I was blown away. It all feels so personal because it is.
The parcel is a shiny shiny silver packaged which is great fun!

 All beautifully wrapped and with great documents and forms enclosed

 The top I wanted, it is great and I have just plonked it on in this photo in my eagerness to take a picture!

How lovely is the colour and the label

My two current other lusts from the boutique are:

And don't even get me started on my beauty wish list! Go take a browse at Beauty & the Boutique and all hail for a great new shopping experience!

UPDATE: Forgot to say the shipping is worldwide and the first customer order on launch day was from Sydney!


  1. Looks fab, love your top, going to check out now!

  2. Looks good on you. Amazing colour. Well done on the trip to Hong Kong.
    Did you hear TKMaxx are shooting a street style project? I heard Wayne Tippets is shooting it. Xxxx

  3. Looking all clothing are really nice and your selection is really great. Online shopping is really good for all to make more benefits and save more time also.

  4. These look lovely - tons of love and best wishes to your friend in her new venture!!!

    Ali x

  5. That top is gorgeous and I love the packaging too. Will have to take a look myself.xx

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