Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Pick of the Day

Continuing the dress theme of this week I've selected a dress I ordered last week - before you say anything I had a complete dress shortage. The dress I ordered is a departure from my normal choices but I absolutely love it. The reasons I love this dress are:

  • you can throw it on over skinny jeans, jeggings or leggings
  • you can throw it on over flared jeans
  • you can therefore wear it with boots, flats or heels
  • you can dress it up or down
  • it looks good with your hair up or down
  • it is fun, flirty and feminine - something I only say as a joke but in this case I mean it. I have come over all girly every time I put it on.
  • you can wear it with tights on a night out with high heels

The dress suits, apple, pear and hour glass shapes. I think it would be a bit too voluminous if you have a boyish, straight up and down shape often referred to as rhubarb or celery. I'm not a fan of either descriptions so I'll stick with straight up and down.

Having built this dress up now you might be disappointed but... I give you the Tiffany.....

Beauty & the Boutique Tiffany Dress £75

Being naughty I have (as well as wearing the dress with a long pendant style necklace) ignored Katie's very good style advice and gone without and guess what it looks great too! I'm in danger of wearing this dress out, literally and it goes to show that sometimes you do need to have something in your wardrobe you'd not normally choose.


  1. Looks really nice. I quite fancy it for Xmas day where I don't get overdressed as I do all the blasted cooking but still want to look nice!

  2. Great looking dress!! I could see wearing it a number of ways.

  3. Thank you for your post. You did offer fashion dress design to us. I think if you dress can have some decoration like pearl jewelry more be more perfect.I hold that some women would like to buy jewelry set to match this excellent dress. Maybe some people would like to buy pearl brooch to put it in the dress.


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