Thursday, 22 November 2012

In the Pink

When it comes to clothes I am fickle. My dressing up is based purely on whim. I do not have a signature style unless you count my surfy blond tresses - read that as messy hair. I have whims, pure whims. The mood captures me and I go with it. Having said that I do have some fail safe looks for 'fat' days and hormonal interruptions to normal life.

The main factor in my wardrobe is a shift in colours. I had a massive black phase which I am still embracing but this has lead to a love of pink. Yes pink! There is no rhyme or reason for this. If there was one thing that could be said about me - pink is not my bag. Yet I find myself enveloping all things pink with a fondness normally reserved for the petit garcon and Patches Valentino. I need pink in my life. I blame Hong Kong but that is another story...

I was helpfully introducing a friend to Beauty & the Boutique the other day as she was desperate for a top and I knew just what she needed. She was tremendously happy that the online boutique also sells Stila makeup which she loves.

In doing a good turn I found myself falling for a pink tunic dress and snapping it up as it was the last one. Which is a shame because I can't share it with you until it arrives. However I am rather taken by this top which has all the dusky pinkness I could ask for plus the easy of looking like you've made the effort to dress up when clearly you've just bunged the top on over a pair of skinny jeans as you've only got 5 mins to get ready due to walking the dog, reading school books, making the supper and barely a hello/goodbye to the bloke as you dash out the door - kinda of top!

The Danielle Hammond Redner top in Pink £49 Beauty & the Boutique

Make Do Style readers discount!! - if you shop online at Beauty & the Boutique add this code for 15% of your orders makedostyle 


  1. Hi there!! Hormonal changes have a lot to answer to regarding style and fashion whims-pink is a great choice though and I love a splash of it every now and then too!! xxx

  2. I love pink. You have alerted me to the fact I don't own enough pink clothes xx

  3. Great top although your choice surprises me, the woman in black has gone?

    1. Nope, well yes maybe. I'm still black is back but realise there is a place for colour in my life!! I've been watching lots of SATC xx

  4. I really love pink dresses. :)


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