Monday, 3 December 2012

Three degrees of casual

Things do come in threes there is no doubt of that in my world. Last week I had three incidents of which two were consumer woes and one was a serious incident involving the dear petit garçon. The first two were trivial matters of customer focus and service. These things are very annoying but in the grand  scheme of life we can file them under trivial. Oh by the way I am embracing 'we' after Diana Vreeland, it seems the current vogue. However we cannot and must not view matters of child protection on any level as trivial. Suffice it to say someone 'approached' the petit and without going into detail given the investigation is ongoing, we are currently biting ones lip after gleaming a Met DC is considering how they are going to progress with it given no crime was committed. Hey bet we are all sleeping better knowing that unless an actual real clear cut crime has been committed we can rely on 'evidence' to be properly pursued. FFS Abel Nazir is on the loose and half the CIA, and it seems the FBI are searching for him, and as yet he has committed no crime.

Enough of drama both televised and real. However we have realised that seemingly casual approaches to ones work is the norm theses day. People are not rushing around like Carrie in Homeland intent on doing their utmost best! Given this vogue for casual or is it lazy, we are adopting a more casual approach to weekend dressing and breathing deeply to deal with it all.

We had thought casual dressing as a term and a notion was a worrying step in societies approach to dressing given people were even popping to Tesco in their pj bottoms. Goodness, even the onesie is the force de jour currently. All this lack of dressing is making us worry. But rather than be completely at sea it seems there are casual weekend looks that still look like you have made an effort.

Our new found acceptance and embracing what has loving become referred to as 'casual glamour' is based on three key ingredients (you need to get the look right). It boils down to texture, detail and proportions. This weekend we embraced and combined three casual less formal clothing items. The first is an oversized top from Beauty & the Boutique. When we purchased this top we foolishly forgot to use the 15% of code of makedostyle! Luckily the lovely Katie spotted this oversight and applied it. The 15% of all items applies until Saturday 8th December so hurry and don't forget to put in the code makedostyle.

The top was paired with Boden seam detail trousers and M&S suede moccasin boots. The trousers have a lovely pocket detail on the thigh and the boots are heeled so add height otherwise the oversized top would have made the look top heavy.

As usual we have taken a rather um, basic self portrait but hey seize the moment and all that in lieu of an on had snapper. We think it is a great thrown on school run top and perfect in cold weather as layering underneath will be disguised.

Talking of disguise, we are disguising our annoyance about afore mentioned event and have moved the petit onwards and upwards. Talking of onwards we must do a last dash to IKEA Croyden to get a bed as we have guests this weekend coming. We are off right now!


  1. Oh goodness, hope Petit was ok and ignorant to any potential harm he could have sufffered, Heaven forbid? We also live in dread and fear of this everyday even when they are supposedly 'safe' in school etc..
    I've been practising the casual outfits too. You look great!

    1. It is strange isn't it how you have to think about danger an be on top of modern society - yet at the same time getting casual down to a tee is a priority!! xx

  2. Really sorry to hear of the incident with petit garcon, I sincerely hope that the ongoing investigation proves fruitful and has a proper outcome for you all. You look great, the top looks a very versatile and stylish buy xxx

    1. He is fine, he was very brave and did all the right things. I was just a bit angry about it yesterday!! Hence post. And yes the top is amazing really great.

  3. I hope your little man is okay and something gets sorted about this. PS love the reference to Homeland, how tense does that programme get! xx

  4. Thanks a lot for the idea !!!....simple, practical, versatil and stylish!! have a nice day.... greeting


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