Monday, 25 March 2013

Chilling Winds

How is it possible to feel as if we live in Mongolia or Siberia? We are nearly in April and there is little sign of spring. There are a few buds and blooms, ones you would expect to see in February as the winter begins it descent and spring rises forth.

Where fore art thou spring summer clothes - er ...actually no where, as I found myself layering up firstly with thermals in preparation for working in the freezing cold entrance area of Wimbeldon's Centre Court Shopping centre at the weekend.

M&S Base layers are on!

I managed to scrub up style wise with some black jeans and added a Beauty & the Boutique pink top to be cheery and a Baukjen sequin jacket. I had intended to take off the Zara camouflage scarf but the snow and chilling winds prevented me being parted with it to show off my orange statement necklace.

How are you wrapping up and attempting to stay stylish of sorts?


  1. Kate please can you style me in your pink top?? Looks so good on've styled it in such a genius way! love it!!!! x x x x

  2. The pink top was a life saver on Sat when I needed some colour and a shape that would hide my layers of thermals! xx

  3. Now you definitely can style up a warm outfit! I am wearing camisoles, shirts, cardies and jeans at the minute but after a freezing journey on the train from Birmingham the other week, I definitely need to invest in thermals too, although some cashmire items would be nice xx What were you doing at the shopping centre?

    1. Cashmere is good as layering option - Tesco & M&S or Uniqlo do some great jumpers. I was styling at a jeans event!

  4. That pink top, sequinned jacket and leopard print is just fantastic together! xxx

  5. I don't blame you for keeping the scarf on. I even put a cashmere scarf on to eat supper last night as I was the only one who was cold (yeah right) x


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