Wednesday, 12 June 2013


Ha! That got your attention. I just wanted to chat. It is good to talk isn't it?

As per usual my work is in a state of flux which is good people I am in DEMAND but not so good when it comes to blogging as I still haven't sorted out who what where why and when I am going to get a grip of this blog, the future blog and what it will all be like.

Fundamentally I love fashion and whenever I try to stretch my brain and be all high brow I soon revert back to what I love the most - fashion and film. My life is so busy I haven't seem The Great Gatsby yet and also I cannot wait to see Behind the Candelabra, come on what a great title for a film!

The sun's gone missing again which doesn't help. The chill factor of the breezes do not help. Given how useful a scarf is for these off days and also a good travel companion for holidays,  I am going to recommend one in lieu of a proper seasonal clothes purchase.


  1. Behind the Candelabra is fantastic! I loved it.

  2. Totally agree - scarves are the answer in this weather. Sometimes I've worn two. A silk or cotton square knotted jauntily or elegantly close to my neck and then a warmer pashmina type folded shawl thrown around my shoulders. If the sun does come out, I just roll up the larger scarf into my bag but I still look smart while my neck is kept cosy.

    ( Glad to hear that work is good and busy for you.) Cx

  3. Rob Lowe steals Behind the Candelabra! LOL.

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