Friday, 2 October 2009

Day 5 of Capsule Wardrobe

Before I accost a member of the public again to take a photo of me in today's outfit which I will reveal later, I would like to share what have I learnt enduring the week on a capsule wardrobe. I thought a lot about how much we truly need (yes I know need isn't the rationale de jour) and snippets of advice imparted by fashion bloggers over the years. I discovered what I really like to wear when I'm not being swayed by glorious images that talk to me and compiling never ending wish lists.

  • It requires a lot of thought and effort to survive on a little
  • It is surprising how liberating less can be
  • I realised I truly do love black
  • Red nails brighten the day when only wearing black
  • I can't live without stripes
  • My £18 scarf from Accessorise has been the best buy of the season
  • My bum does look big in sequin leggings and not in a hot way
  • It has made me reappraise my buying strategy and I think a few key quality non mass market pieces truly is the way forward
  • I don't need lots of choice to be stylish and have fun with clothes
  • I can't bear too many things or over stuffed wardrobes/drawers
  • I can cycle in any shoes
  • I need more than 2 pairs of shoes
  • I could have bought a lot of things from Cos if I'd had the money
  • I'm more Anna Wintour than Carine Roitfeld, I love a cardi
  • I'm looking forward to wearing my Gap chinos

I managed to grab Mr MDS before he escaped this morning and got him to snap my outfit.
It is a bit like a receptionist at an S&M club, all I need are some piz nez spectacles to go with my flats. I will put on my shrug for my cycle and be grateful for wearing flats to work today as I've got a private client so it will involve tramping around Selfridges and the streets of Mayfair.

Final outfit Bustier dress, H&M white shirt, Topshop jade green coin necklace and Tods loafers

I'm not sure if it really works, but the best thing about being a stylist is even if what you wear is questionable, there is always the element of is it fashion forward/edgy/sartorial style/quirky/tolerated etc. etc. Basically one can get away with it!


  1. Love your style rules, mine are pretty similar. Less is more, and black never goes out of style!

    And PS: You'll never see me without red nails!

  2. I love your summary.
    I, too, have discovered that I can't live without stripes.
    I look forward to seeing your final outfit.

  3. Hi there-you and the others have done extremely well, well done for seeing through the week in such versatile and stylish pieces, you've inspired me with layering and stripes for sure!!

  4. Your rules are great, I have tried to live by some of them for a while and still haven't managed it. Thanks for an inspiring read.

  5. Great rules, and I think you look awesome!!

  6. I like this look, think I could do with a white shirt, seems very versatile, but my favourite item in your capsule wardrobe is still the sequin leggings, even if they do make your bum look big (which I doubt!).

  7. That's a sex-ay look but I still think more is more :-)

  8. I love your list. A few years ago, I was broker than a rat and had to think carefully before even buying a cup of coffee from a food truck in the street. Having no choice other than to get creative, I learned so much about accessorizing and investing in quality pieces, rather than the dress of the moment, during that time! Definitely agree on red polish and black being a great, versatile color.

    All your capsule wardrobe posts this week were really enjoyable!

  9. Great conclusions, dear.

    And you look so fantastic, I'm thinking of doing a similar look.


  10. This look definitely works, don't doubt it! xx

  11. I love white shirts and yours is lovely.

  12. Love the look of ANY bustier over a white button down. It's the contrast of sexy and sensible that makes it work.

  13. yessss... spoken well!!! I can't live without my candy like red nails!!!

  14. Oh no! Does this mean the sequin leggings are being retired already?

  15. I want you to know that I'm wearing latex leggings today in honour of your sequin ones. Don't stop now! (PS I'm running to the washroom to check out my ass.)

  16. Hi again-love the updated photo, and also how you're keeping the layering theme going too, its a fab outfit. I just had to go charity shopping this afternoon to get a stripy tee, found a navy and white one, plus a long sleeve red gap tee-I so want to layer up, you're a great inspiration!! Have a lovely weekend my dear!!

  17. That bustier dress is just brilliant. It is soooooo great. Love it with the tee and with the white shirt.

  18. Hey you lovely,

    Thought you were coming to Miele's Sparks charity event last night? A few bloggers didn't make it but it was fun!!!

    Kit x

  19. I like the S&M secretary look! heh!

    Good point about the red nails, a lovely deep red is a great was to jazz up an outfit!


  20. Love your list and your look, darling! And your bum looked fabulous in those leggings, not to worry!


  21. It works. Don't worry. :)

  22. Great conclusions! And I wanted to let you know that I have added you to my blogroll today - I am so sorry that it took this long, I am unforgivably behind on updating my links.

    Andrea xx

  23. i like it, it sort of reminds me of 1920's?

  24. I prefer to own just a handful of clothes but must have at least double (triple?) the amount of shoes.

  25. I think that is awesome that you've learned so much about what you can do with a very small wardrobe. You style your capsule outfits so incredibly well! I love the unusual combination of pairing the bustier dress with the button-down shirt.

    Unfortunately my wardrobe drawers are perpetually overstuffed. I think the capsule challenge was a very good exercise for me in that it taught me that I *don't* need so many things to look chic and utilize a lot of creativity!

  26. Ditto being more Anna than Carine. I'm all over that. At least, in my head I am. :)



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