This blog is my indulgence - yes this baby was conceived in 2006 under its original title Make Do & Mend and has been fully operational as Make Do Style since 2007. A lot of years.

I am a writer (fashion journalist for magazines and my own books) and ex fashion stylist who still turns her hand in at a bit of styling when asked nicely.

Editorial: All the posts on this blog are my own, all images unless otherwise stated are mine and all the ideas, thoughts and everything else comes from me. When I select products and undertake reviews unless other wise stated i.e. sponsored post or I clearly state I was asked to be a reviewer, then take it as red my independence is assured.

Disclosure: If I do undertake sponsored posts, promoted reviews or am given any freebies I not only declare this but I undertake an objective review to the best of my ability, I cannot guarantee I will not get all excited sometimes. My objectivity is based on the fact I have said no to plenty of things and usually I have an interest in the product or service or I believe my readers do.