Monday, 31 May 2010

Wardrobe sort out anyone?

I have two students from the NHJ Style Academy who need to have work experience on sorting out a wardrobe. If you live in Central London (this can be negotiated!) and would like have top personal style advice from me (with eager student in tow) then leave me a comment and I'll arrange a wonderful session for you as enjoyed by Wife in the City

Sunday, 30 May 2010

UK Tour Part 1

Okay not quite the Stones in Exile but 2 days on the road felt like hard core stuff. I arrived in Sheffield and immediately started singing Heaven 17 and Human League songs and then remembered the Artic Monkeys too. When I walked into the hotel there sat in the reception was Leona Lewis. I stopped myself from intruding into her space and gushing. She is incredibly beautiful and seemingly down to earth. Of course people were entranced and approaching her but she was pleasant and gracious.

We met her dancers later at the end of our evening and they were male and fit. It all felt v.rock and roll.

The next day was Leeds. I had time to check out what the shops were like and the stock. They have lovely arcades in Leeds.

Later after pleasing the crowds with my fashion thoughts we all went out for drinks with Leeds people, as Jo Hemmings the Big Brother psychologist was with us and so our chaperone for the evening was Leeds resident Brazilian BB 2009 housemate Rodrigo. He was a real sweetie.

There were also nice barmen who made great martinis (this is purely for Wildernesschic).

I wore my trusty Topshop jumpsuit and was surprised that although Sheffield and Leeds are ready to embrace the maxi dress no one is sharing my jumpsuit love! Maybe Newcastle or Edinburgh will...

Saturday, 29 May 2010

High Street Pick of the Week

It is back to what not to splash the cash on. Summer high fashion sandals usually fall into the don't go overboard on the budget. And good old M&S (first time I've given them a 'good old' in ages) are rolling out some high fashion summer season beauties. The Stylist free magazine was awash with the M&S shoe adverts but the items tend to go in only key stores and on-line stock tends to be slower.

These should be available everywhere.

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Project 100 - a few LBD's

Much as I've tried, one LBD never does all occasions. The LBD is life saver, the ultimate hero piece of any wardrobe. I think countless designers have tried the multiple one LBD dress thing but I'm afraid that isn't the solution either. The differing styles of the LBD speaks volumes.

The strapless LBD -This is the most obvious number for a host of events from gala diners to cocktails for two. You can find this style in any shop for any budget from late October/early November.

Herve Leger Strapless bandage dress Net-A-Porter

The art gallery opening LBD - slightly directional but always minimalist, this little black dress number needs to work with glasses and a pensive look.

See by Chloe A-Symmetric Dress my-wardrobe

The dinner party guest LBD - Not to showy, better to cover than flaunt. This LBD needs to keep it all reigned in, no matter how much you drink. Just add some glitzy earrings.
MaxMara wool mix dress Matches

The LBD shift dress - an easy throw on for a no thinking required day. Either add a jacket, cardigan or alternatively put a shirt or jumper underneath. Versatile and useful.

The very important meeting LBD - when a head of the game attitude is required then the black dress needs to be a hybrid of masculinity and femininity. Go for long sleeves and a collar, it will fit and look the business.

Discount Halston gloss effect silk dress The Outnet

The **** me LBD - what women wear to be the top fashion dog, and what actually attracts men are two different issues. Trust me when I say, look at Joan in Mad Men for bedroom action via clothes.

Evianna Duchess Satin Dress Coast

Going out for drinks with girlfriends LBD - this is a fun night out but requires a bit of effort and a sassy number. It's not a competition but you want to make the effort. The shape, detail and a shorter length will do all the talking without screaming look at me.

The dinner date LBD - A simple but sophisticated number that presents you with a sense of ease. Choose a deconstructed but soft look. Nice hair, nails and make up will make you sparkle all night long over candle light.
Layla dress All Saints

The country weekend/city break LBD - The dress that works with riding boots or wellies. The addition of a warm jumper makes it look like a skirt. Wear with a pea jacket or trench coat and feel a million dollars whatever the weather on your weekend away. It can double up as an evening dress to keep packing to a minimum.

MaxMara dress from Matches

The beach to bar LBD - After an afternoon of lying on the pool or beach lounger. Pull this out, Birkin style, from your beach basket and make to the bar.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Getting a Grip...

...and rolling ones sleeves up. These were the very words uttered by the new Chancellor - predicted here first. Also he actually said 'tightening our belts'. Now none of this is music to my ears in fact my first thoughts were inspired by a recent post by Queen Marie of Kingdom Of Style. Come on where is the fun when the ruddy Chancellor of the Exchequer is talking make do style!

However, it does appear that the UK is going to be beset with austerity fever in the name of reducing the national debt - as Faux Fuchsia would say people of China, India and the USA look away - 'tis only us Europeans and Blighty in particular who are involved in this sleeve rolling episode.

Working your wardrobe harder becomes more important and I will continue with Project 100 soon unless the Chancellor gets his hands on it first and makes it Project 33.5 based on a projected cut back of 20 items in year one and 46.5 items in year two if the budget deficit is to be turned around.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Off the rails

Gee whizz how did it all go manic. I start my UK tour tomorrow and have articles to write and people to see and no TIME. My latest acquisition is Paul McKenna's Control Stress book. It has a wonderful hypnotherapy cd. Instead of listening to music on my journey into central London, I'm now in a trance thanks to Paul.

It does make me a bit spaced out but I needed to improve my patience and this has done the trick. I still get frustrated but I don't react. This is particularly useful when dealing with idiots and the people with suitcases on Oxford St.

Anyway my rail is missing a maxi dress so I need to add that, a few more accessories, and I'm done.

It includes the white dress from Mango which is a lovely summer number. I also sourced a nice teal jumpsuit from ASOS and we'll see how it goes! Packing today, making sure I have mine and the make up person's train tickets plus a good nights sleep.

Monday, 24 May 2010

The rail...

I'm busy getting a rail together to show women how to add the wow/Martini factor into their wardrobe for a series of events coming up. I'm in Sheffield and Leeds this week. You can book free tickets here

I managed to get hold of the Mango white dress from ASOS and a few other bits and pieces. I will photograph the rail before I set off on my travels.

Last week I was flat out teaching and styling on the NHJ Style Academy. It's a personal styling course which attracts people from all over Europe. Part of the course includes practical work experience and on Saturday morning I took one of our students to do a wardrobe before she jetted back to Amsterdam. I had a wonderful volunteer in Wife in the City

I wish I'd taken a photo because she was one of the most beautiful persons I've met in real life both inside and out. The pleasure of my work is I get to meet lots of people constantly and I forget how enriching this can be.

And just in case you think the life of a stylist is glamorous in anyway, I give you Deirdre & Doris (myself and Isobel Kershaw) on Friday night after a few drinks sat on a bench in Clapham Junction wishing we were anywhere else but where we were!

Sunday, 23 May 2010

What has happened to Catherine Zeta Jones?

It could be the clothes but I don't think that is entirely the reason. Catherine Zeta Jones looks scrawny and old. This is a women in her early 40s who should be, given her lifestyle, looking glamorous and healthy. But to me she just looks thin and not in a good way. Am I being mean?

I completely understand the need to look slim/toned and particularly when you are in the entertainment industry. Why yesterday as I was sourcing clothes for the forthcoming events I had an experience in the changing room mirror that was truth uncovered. I need to reign in the expanding girth. This happens once in a while and more so as you get older. But I might want to look svelte but I don't want to look thin. The idea of looking scrawny like CZJ above or SJP is in my book a step to far but how does it happen? Do you lose any sense of self and become completely about clothes sizes.

image:Sky Showbiz

Saturday, 22 May 2010

High Street Pick of the Week

Floaty, fabulous and practically free at £32. Okay you could feed yourself for a week on that but hey live dangerously, go without or call it fasting for this. It is a mesh shrug from Topshop with beading and it makes a nice change from a jacket. I'm embracing the sunshine and being divine so throw on a shrug and make like the bolter.

Friday, 21 May 2010

a PS...

I felt I was a bit remiss in yesterday's post due to selecting a white dress that I sort of liked. I was teaching on a personal styling course and I thought 'how could I post a pathetically small picture because I don't have time to chase press people and actually it wasn't a dress that I really love'.

This is the white dress I really love.

It has the right mix of Spanish and Mad Men for me. I could either do SeƱorita or Betty Draper in this number. Unfortunately I think the Mango dress (rrp £119.50) has run out of the shop.

And also how could I have not suggested a look at Vintage-a-Peel for sourcing lovely vintage white dresses take a peek at the Biba one. Biba white dress at Vintage -a-Peel

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Zip my dress up please darling

Where would a gal be without a dress that needed zipping up. How else can you get your other half's attention or have fun in a changing room with contortion moves. I've zipped countless dresses in my time and I find the process of zipping most satisfying.

I also have to tell models, actresses and clients you step into a dress with a zip back and one with a zip on the side goes over your head. If I had a pound for every time I say it well...

I love a dress because it says so much by the cut, the colour and the cloth. Day, evening or night a dress can work its magic. As I'm dedicating a whole post to the LBD, there won't be one on this post.

The cocktail dress - synonymous with classical Hollywood, the cocktail dress screams grown up glamour. I'm leaning more to the post war style when women really began to kick up their heels and go out for cocktails. So I've selected a vintage dress from Shrimpton Couture as a splendid example of what a cocktail dress should be.

1950s Pale Green Cocktail Dress USD $350

The going to the bar dress - this of course is the modern equivalent of the cocktail dress and says meeting girlfriends a la Sex and the City. Just add high heels and a clutch. Sorry the image is ridiculously tiny so click on link below! Why do some internet sites prevent use of images - don't they know about blogging.
Reiss Hermione Dress £195

The exceedingly useful wedding/christening/graduation dress
- guess what I've got this one. I would say that the format is quality and style over fashion trend. Buy the right dress and you'll never be lost again for when that invitation arrives. Then all you have to do is accessorise with the seasons costume jewellery and shoes. Find similar styles at Coast or in a charity shop.
Moschino Satin cocktail dress £264 The Outnet

The tunic dress - So useful and suits any shape. No bust issues either. Day or night with heels, flats or boots and perfect with leggings. High St or internet choose a print and some colour.
Fairy dress by Designers Remix at my-wardrobe £159

2 x The work dress - the bar was raised by Roland Mouret and his galaxy dress, which has spawned a thousand copies. But that is good news if you want a high st number for not too much outlay. I've selected one option from M&S as it is a good example of what you can find to wear to the office if you look. Maybe linen is a bit impractical but it is a nice colour. There's more choice when winter comes and Oasis usually have a great one for around £70.

M&S Pure Linen square neck dress £35

2 x a print dress - Because so many of us choose black or a block colour it is important to make sure you've got a print dress in your wardrobe. A great print whether abstract, floral or other is a must. Look for inspiration in the collections on Car boot sales, vintage shops or charity shops offer opportunites to find some vintage print dresses. One feels Miuccia Prada had visited the print archive somewhere for next season's Prada dresses.

The maxi dress - Goes without saying these days why you need a maxi dress. Very useful all year round it seems, 'nuff said.

A white dress - If Betty Draper hasn't converted you to a white dress then listen to me. A good white dress works wonders. Forget being a bride. All white is where it is at. I've chosen a lacy one with some ruffle detail. Of course it works well for dinner or drinks on a summer evening but equally the same is true in the cooler months. Don't wear one to a wedding unless you really are the bride! Again the image is rubbish so click on link below to see it properly.

Reiss Missy Dress £159

I've cheated a bit by assigning the number 2 against a work dress and a print dress but there will be a further 10 dresses all black next week. Make your dresses colourful and not black, your wardrobe will love you.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Trouser trouble sorted

For trousers to really work well you need to know how they sit on the body and most importantly if you buy ready to wear you will need to get them altered. Alterations are cheaper than chasing the holy grail of finding a pair of trousers or jeans that fit perfectly.

Check out if you have a dip in you back and how pronounced that is. If you do you are typically an hour glass or pear shape. You need to make the waist band fit, to avoid muffin top due to buying the trouser pant too tight so it doesn't fall down. Same for jeans. Make sure the rise suits and there is a curve on the waistband. If you happen to be more of a boy shape (straight up and down) then a lower rise will work well. It would be fair to say that apple shapes have a hard time when it comes to trousers and I can give not real comfort except to say that a jersey flare with a fold down wide waistband is probably the best option. Such a style is hard to find although they were all the rage many years ago, but the harem is the obvious solution now with this waistband element and the detail of drape.

When you select a trousers do so on the fit around the backside, front, hips and thighs. Any bagging on bum or at the front is a no no as is tightness on the thigh creating creases or bunching. But don't forget you can get them altered. The waist and leg length is easiest and it is easier to take in than let out. If you haven't got a dressmaker use a local tailor, no one is going to turn away custom these days.

Sexy black trousers
- probably the best high street retailer for that Helmut Newton-esque model posing in black trousers/pants is Karen Millen. They always have a black pant offering every season and they wash well and hold their shape. A classic cut, they will work for years regardless of the trends that come and go. The wonderful wide waistband should make these work for all body shapes.Tailored black trousers £120

Cigarette Pants - again are a useful must have in the wardrobe. Often with a turn up the essence of the cigarette pant is the fact it is straight and fitted. The forerunner of the drainpipe, the skinny, and the base for designing the peg. It is obvious a straight pencil cut creates opportunity to change the basic template and add to. Whilst a flare is the equivalent of the a-line skirt and as it's strength comes from the cut at the waist. Lots of options from designers such as Rag and Bone to on the high st. Zara have a pair in red currently if you fancy.
Rag and Bone Wool mix trouser £260.00 at Matches

The sexy flare and the cigarette pant are your investment purchases. Spend your money here as quality is a key ingredient to carry off such garments.

Jean territory is the nightmare of most women. I have to say if they don't work for you and the idea of finding a pair is hell then don't bother. They are not what defines you. I do wear jeans but occasionally not everyday and I have only two pairs a skinny and a flare.

The skinny jean - a wardrobe staple and easy to buy anywhere. Topshop's Baxters are a firm favourite but I always have to have the waistband altered as I need the right fit on the leg which leaves a gape at the back but an inverted triangle reduction always resolves it. If you've got wide calves then the straight jean will be a better option.

The flared jean
- this is a personal favourite so I'm not particularly objective about it's value because I love a flared jean. I prefer the skinny flare to a true flare but that's a personal decision and always go with the proportions of leg that suits you. The Made in Heaven brand do a wonderful retro pair and again only buy at this price if it is the look for you. You could have 10 pairs of jeans alone and there is no reason not to.
MIH retro look jeans £148

The flared jean always reminds me of the Charlie! Revlon advertising, an inspiring image for a stylist.

Leather trousers(!) - the rock look only please. I'm thinking men and women who've pulled it off. It needs boots not high heels and a good t-shirt. And for goodness sake never wear a leather jacket on top as well think Jim Morrison not the Fonz. I know Balmain have worked that leather pant with statement heel look but I still think it only works with a good tee. It needs that dress down rock chic element to really work. Mind you Hermes worked a great leather look reminiscent of the Avengers for A/W 10, so in reality there are no rules...just advice that morphs.

A colourful cotton pair - you now what I mean, it's like a jean but not. In red or any bright bold colour it adds zing. Find them in Uniqlo, Gap or Zara. A grey t-shirt is a fab look with a coloured jean trouser.

A chino - the chino has had a come back and whilst I can't grab an image from the Oasis website, I've linked it. The point with a chino trouser is, it is very much at the whim of fashion trends, and I would say go cheap and cheerful but on trend rather than see it as an investment buy.

The jodhpur - who can forget the influential Balenciaga A/W 07 collection when you all sported a J Crew blazer in lieu of getting your hands in the real thing. Well the real star of the collection was the jodhpur trouser and it is still around, next season it will be in black. Again given the trend nature of this item, head to H&M or COS for a reasonably priced and designed pair. Or find a genuine pair at a car boot or charity shop and dye them.

Shorts - A city short works all year round with the added help of thick opaque tights. The staying power of the short is assured with new designs and materials - this season it is all about the leather. Try a few on to get the right cut and length for your body.

The Jumpsuit - I know there is nothing worse than a convert but if you need a wow factor and you are more of a trouser kind of gal then you need to jump to it. ASOS is awash with jumpsuit that don't cost the earth.
ASOS Assymetric Shoulder Jumpsuit £30

I feel I've left out the sailor trouser but again adapt your top ten to suit your preferences and if you add it on to make 11 then I won't tell.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Get Your Coat on....

The point of having a coat could be argued is to keep you warm in cold weather. We all know that at its basic level this is true, but since when has one coat fulfilled all style needs. I've listed 10 coat and jacket items that will fulfil your basic wardrobe needs. You have probably got most of these already but when money is tight this checklist will help you to make a decision on what to get.

A proper coat - the one to spend the money on! A good looking coat that makes you feel glamorous and stylish when you put it on. Worth spending your money on this item. Look at coats from Acne, Maje or on the Outnet to make that investment. You can even try TK Maxx, I once saw a great Valentino coat in there down from an extortionate price to £299. Of course I didn't have the readies when I needed them but I'm saving for a decent winter's coat as I last bought one over 4 years ago and it is looking very tired.

Alexander McQueen cashmere blend coat discounted from £1,215.87 down to £425.55
It's a keeper!

The trench coat - do I really need to give any explanation on this one. I must confess I haven't got one but I must. I kick myself over the +J one in black last September in Uniqlo and recently Zara have had some great ones too. I know for most the holy grail in a trench is Burberry but I think get one that fits you well and it will be a winner.

A leather jacket - it adds an edge to many looks and the biker style leather jacket has a tighter cut and less bulk of the style of old - wear with skinny jeans, skinny flares, over a dress, with a skirt or trousers and it doesn't have to be black. I've selected this one from New Look although I bought mine from Select last year on the recommendation from Mrs Fab and it has been money well spent.

Pea coat or jacket coat - the pea coat is a jacket coat based on the navy jacket of old. Much favoured by Jackie Onassis it retains a certain Waspish connotation. However it is a jolly useful throw on for all manner of waspish activities. Think country walks, weekend grocery shopping, a football or rugby match with a date/bf/husband. Just add sunglasses. Or work it like Jane Birkin with Serge.
Dress or duster coat - my personal weakness and guess what I found the one that would bring my much joy on the bl**dy Outnet. I can look...I've got my £50 sale one bought from Wallis many moons ago. I had it altered to fit better and there is nothing nicer than a dressy coat for evenings.
Vera Wang Brocade evening coat
now only (cough) £561.75 on the Outnet

Ignore my flights of fancy you get the idea. I would look something that fits this bill at car boot sales, charity shops and discount outlets such as Bicester.

Tuxedo jacket - ditto ref trench coat. This one needs no explanation. I bought one in H&M over 5 years ago and it is still going strong. Works well over short tunic or body con dresses, with jeans and all many of trousers.

Parka - festivals, bank holidays at Brighton if you go to them then you need a parka. Asos and Topshop have a great selection and without breaking the bank. The winter warmer ones are a life saver too. Speak to Mrs Fab...

Blazer - more of a season transition piece and a personal choice. They've made a big come back with recent 80s retrospectives and Celine's latest offering the more female almost tuxedo number has inspired a few high street retailers. Be careful this is a fashion nightmare. One moment it is current the next... keep it on the budget side if you really really want/need one and wear it a lot. If a blazer is not you thing then have a glam Jacket to wear in the same way as a tux but for day/evening/ weekend. I have fallen in love with a cream double breasted jacket in Zara but it is a seasonal item so am being v.good.

A cape - charming, a nice to have. Not the most popular style wise so keep an eye out for them in sales, and vintage shops if you fancy a punt. They add a different element to a look. Think Jane Birkin again or Anna Dello Russo - it is all about the drama!

The indulgence coat - once in a while all the thought of being good, staying within budget gets thrown out of the window when you see that coat that says 'film star', 'rock chic', 'fashion editor'. It might be leopard or fur or colourful- you don't need it but you can't ever sleep again without it. Sleep on it if it is a store item, buy now if car boot or second hand shop find.

What I haven't selected a denim jacket! Well just drop the cape or blazer and insert denim jacket. Adapt the list for your own taste.

Monday, 17 May 2010

Project 100 - the posts

Back to the serious stuff of staving off the great austerity bite for your wardrobe.

I will be posting a series on the ten most essential items in different categories.

  • coats, jackets
  • trousers
  • dresses
  • little black dresses
  • tops
  • skirts
  • shoes
  • boots
  • jewellery, accessories
  • summer vacation essentials
Tomorrow starts with coats!


Sunday, 16 May 2010

Feeling Blue

Normally I'm not allowed to mention garcon the major, but after a double victory for his favourite football team I'm ignoring this because I not sure who is the handsomest, major garcon or Frank Lampard?

It was a very VIP evening and a few went on to China Whites but Frank is a good boy just like mine. Shame the same can't be said for major garcon's mother...

Costume analysis

InStyle feature a great retrospective of Carrie's Sex and the City costumes plus a feature of the ones in the forthcoming SATC2 The Movie. I always think of the outfits as costume because Carrie is fictional. I wasted a lot of money and time on creating my own fictional Carrie lifestyle/performance but it was worth it!

Image: InStyle from new forthcoming SATC movie

I have to confess to being a bigger fan of the TV series and the more eccentric Carrie outfits from it. The movie costumes are too polished and contrived. Does this reflect the lifestyle development of Carrie's story? Remember how her style changed when she met the Russian! Oh well I will no doubt bustle along to the cinema to watch it ....

Reminisce of a bygone time at InStyle

And get to see the credits for WendyB's Cleopatra earrings oh and few outfits too.

Saturday, 15 May 2010

High Street Pick of the Week

Psst don't tell anyone I posted this one. Especially not that Johnnie Boden. Okay I know it is wrong but ssshh come closer - this is a bit of a timeless easy bag for the summer, go for blue or ivory. Okay runaway now and no telling.

Sumptuous Leather Handbag Boden £99

Friday, 14 May 2010

Football and Fashion

I hope one day to do a Phd and my area of research would be fashion and football. It comes as no surprise to me that Louis Vuitton have embraced the love too. A stunning photograph by Annie Leibovitz is part of a new campaign and features Zinedine Zidane, Pele and Maradona and of course some LV suitcases!

Wardobe Sort Out Anyone?

Next Saturday morning May 22nd I've got a trainee stylist who need to observe and assist me on a wardrobe sort out. Anyone in Central or South West London who would like their wardrobe examined/sorted/advised upon?

Let me know in comment box.

Blogging power/love/insight/kick arse

I am in the midst of series of post designed to recession proof your wardrobe. The UK is in the midst of hard times. We are facing a big squeeze and probably personal cash flow issues. I will resume Project 100 next week but yesterday and today I read two really important post for different reasons.

The first one is a personal favourite. It is the point of blogging in my view - when the establishment is challenged. I love my work within the fashion industry but sometimes the freedom of creativity is abused. Sister Wolf has worked tirelessly to expose the hideous behaviour of Terry Richardson and then Tavi posted this! Resulting in this post. All I can say is watch the blogosphere... and don't buy bikinis from H&M, ok they are cheap I'll let you off but write to them and register your disgust at them using sleazy Terry.

The second one is really really useful - it is the insight into the suffering of someone else. I once wanted to shoot some clothes in a situation that was emotionally difficult but it was deemed too subversive! It was only about break ups. I wanted the models to be in despair at the end of an relationship. Great clothes with messy make up due to tears, a drink throwing situation etc. Oh well someone else has probably done it now. I still use being 'dumped' or 'stood up' as a direction tool with emerging models who need to imagine things to change their body language or get a bit of attitude and it always makes them laugh in the end so we get the great happy shot too.

All of which is a bit flippant given the rightly serious nature of La Belette Rouge's post on living with infertility. Just take some time to read it.

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Hello Lover

What with the last few days of political change it was a bit of a relief to be the recipient of a light hearted tag from Wildernesschic. And I thought I could do with a rest from the enormity of Project 100 and thinking about hard times.

The lovely and talented Forty Not Out has invented a new award the "Hello Lover" award where you are to display seven pair of shoes, your favourite seven pair of shoes... I was good I limited myself to just seven and opted for six heels and one pair of flats, despite living in flats on a daily basis.

My much coveted Manolo Blahnik silver pair. I just had to have them and these were the only pair in all of Manhattan in September 2007. I really could have done with the size 36 as the 37 are slightly too big, my left foot is a bit smaller. The helpful Bergdorf Goodman sales assistant gave me some half insoles to help my foot from flipping out. What price a pair of shoes. They are great to wear but I feel compelled to put something on the leather sole. Which would be sacrilege but London is so wet and dirty!

My Roger Vivier shoes are my favourite, I got married in these despite thinking Mr MDS would shout out some panto joke when he saw them. Luckily he was too nervous and had been drinking. When I wear them I glide rather than walk. They say sophisticated and also something else if you've seen Belle de jour the Luis Brunel film starring Catherine Deneuve.

I love these mesh flats I bought in Russell & Bromley in 2003 after seeing them in Marie Claire (probably the last time I bought a copy). I ran down Bond St in the pouring rain and arrived drenched but I got them! They are by shoe designer Beverly Weldmen and actually they are crying out for a pleated skirt or something similar. I haven't worn them for a couple of years but I love them and they stay.

I bought these Studio TLS wedges last summer and they are fab ...but they do leak orange dye on my feet. It rubs off! However they look great and are very comfy. It takes about 4 - 5 hours of hard wearing before pain sets in.

These are Marc Jacobs and although they show too much toe in my book I don't care because they've got great gold heels. The patent green is gorgeous and I should wear them more but haven't really been out. I think they might hurt quite quickly but will have to road test them again.

My honeymoon shoes! I changed from my wedding dress into a white shirt, blue velvet straight pants and these Mui Mui shoes. I did dance for 3 hours in these and only at the end did my feet hurt. On honeymoon in Rome I wore them with a short little black dress and a black tuxedo (with fake tanned legs of course) to go out for dinner.

The first collaboration Pierre Hardy for Gap produced these babies. I can and have run for a bus in these. I wear them a lot and when/if they fall apart I will cry.

I need to tag a few people so we can see their shoes too! Let me see...Faux Fuchsia, WaceyStyle, Miss Peelpants, teawithonesugarplease and Vintage Vixen will do for a starter....