Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Mrs Neglectful & her French attitude

Tis true. I've been rubbish at blogging of late. I'm suffering from a classic case of not enough hours in the day, no staff and too much to do. Given the options, you know where you attempt to find the solution by writing lists, ticking off to do lists and then think about your time management, I thought I was looking in the wrong place.

I have posts galore I need to finish and publish, one of which is an examination of fashion blogging, the other is a bit of a fashiongate examination of the industry. In a time when politicians, the police and the media are under the moral spotlight, I've been busying myself with a core group not dissimilar to the Murdoch clan.

However all is not lost to an intellectual minefield, I do have some fashion forecast or how to spend it for the forthcoming season in a true make do style. And I'm still on my slow burn when it comes to the Make Do Diet. I attempted to take a few photos of the progress but I was not feeling my best. An off day. Lo! Here are the stomach shots. The 100 sit ups a day are the business.
I've lost some inches, a bit of weight but it a slow process but after trying to do a quick fix, all Rachel's advice is working out.

Then it came to me, I needed to lose the to do list, the trying to do everything. I decided instead of looking to the French for their style (actually I don't really I'm more of an Italian when it comes to fashion) I needed to adopt their attitude. When petit garcon's school breaks up I making straight like a French maman and going on vacation for the whole time. It is the perfect option n'est-ce pas?

See you in the Autumn!

Saturday, 16 July 2011

High Street Pick of the Week

From now until October I often find a coat is surplice to requirements due to the weather. But then the nights can be quite chilly so a little light something would be quite nice.

I'm no rock chic but I can see the appeal of a white biker jacket to add a hard edge to an outfit. Yes that twee floral dress or floral trousers will love this jacket.

Friday, 15 July 2011

All hail Julian

I can never resist a 'fashion' programme. I used to love the British show Project Catwalk and I love that Julian MacDonald is back on tv again with his wonderful one liners.

No one can deliver a line like 'you look like you are walking in the Co-op' like Julian.

And he is not a bad designer too. His Star by Julian MacDonald line for Debenhams has some fabulous pieces coming up, I'm rather loathed to share but I will...

Star by Julian MacDonald leopard wrap ring £10

Star by Julian MacDonald vintage disc earrings £6

Star by Julian MacDonald stone set stretch bracelet £15

Star by Julian MacDonald spot mesh dress £45

Star by Julian MacDonald snake print dress (no price currently available)

Debenhams stockist number is 0844 5616161

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Keeping nasties at bay

In an attempt to not be too preachy about why I use Arbonne products, I tend to refrain from scare tactics. Who really wants to be told on a daily basis about x or y causing cancer or other diseases. It does make us turn off to the message.

I'm no expert (other than on fashion & film!) but the combination of lifestyle, living longer and exposure to food, sun, cigarettes and chemicals all make for a game of chance. Truthfully most cancer specialists will say there is no rhyme or reason to most cancers in terms of why one person get it or not. However there are obvious culprits, genes, sun and smoking are known to trigger the likelihood. Drink is a potential trigger for throat or mouth cancer etc. There is also the view we are living longer in general but cancer at 84 is vastly different to any other age in respect of life cycle. I think I'd be really cross at getting anything under the age of 70 but pretty sanguine after that. Of course come 70 I might have different views

My interest in products has been lifelong, my first encounter with an off the shelf product resulted in a dreadful skin reaction. I was mortified and from that moment on I delved deep. I'm really fussy. My fussiness has increased with my earnings and knowledge. I've always been a 'natural' girl after that first incident but have in very hard times I have rolled with the products of cheapness.

There are always products that I really like whose contents read like an alchemists list for ...well whatever I would say would be in bad taste as someone has died a death from it. There is no getting away from the toxic nasties whether for cleaning the house or yourself. Yesterday my osteopath mentioned a direct correlation between the use of sun cream and the increase in skin cancer. It was a research scientist type person who mentioned it to him. I don't know the context of the research but I hasten to add there might also be a direct correlation with people increasing their exposure to the sun or sun beds.

What it all boils down to is choice. You choose what you ingest or put on you or use to clean your home. Information is key, understanding the information is beneficial and making informed choices is the result. When I read this article in the Daily Mail, my eyes rolled, mainly
because the Daily Mail is a harbinger of doom on any subject or area of life. The headline is sensational but then towards the end the article gets to the nub of the issue, chemicals do imbalance the body and they are absorbed which can effect you.

The only reason for my layer of fat is food & alcohol intake. I can have no concerns about all my hair, skin & beauty products as they are paraben, chemical free. Of course I'm going to mention some Arbonne products! After all it is my little bit of earnings as I tip tap away writing! Just remember if you ever buy anything online from Arbonne then enter my consultant id 441023472.

My everyday shampoo, conditioner and shower gel is this wonderful trio of no nasties. I love this FC5 shower set at £42 it is pricey; but thanks to Dr Peter Matravers the founder of Aveda and now Arbonne's main man I know everything I put on my hair and skin is safe and does not required me to mix avocado or cucumber plus oil in a mixer. Now all I have to do is fight the flab!

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Marni & me

Last week I bought a top from The Outnet, which I always find a brilliant place to buy items you love at prices you can just about cope with! At £87 I thought my choice of a Marni top was a good buy. Why, you could easily spend half that amount of money on a top at Topshop, the same amount at Reiss or even more at Whistles.

I was actually spending my earnings before I'd got them as this week I'm taking a break from writing and doing some fashion teaching. Stepping back into the saddle so to speak found me travelling into central London with my 'armour' an Anya Hindmarch clutch and a Smythson fashion planner inside it.

After a hard days work I returned to find my purchase had been safely delivered. I couldn't wait to try it on and get some quick pics, so forgive the poor photography. I must confess the urgency was based on twitpicing Mrs Bossa!

It's arrived!

I paired it with an Isabella Oliver black pencil skirt

I will be pairing the skirt and top a lot for the A/W season

Excuse the tennis racquet in the background, I realise I might be channelling Anna Wintour!

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

'I want to go to London Zoo'

When arranging the annual transatlantic bloggers meet where NYC hits London Town, I had a small hiccup. Mr MDS was other wise occupied so I had to bring the petit garcon with me.

The delightful crew were happy to eat at Giraffe at Spitalfields which was very accommodating. Giraffe really is the go to place when you have kids, you really can't p*ss anyone off there with you kid(s) as it is real initial usp was capturing the yummy mummy crowd in a restaurant setting.

However, on the day I spoke to the petit and explained the outing and that he would have to sit quietly at Giraffe with the adults. He is such a willing shilling and likes to be good so I knew my luck was out when he said 'I don't want to be quiet. I want to go to London Zoo'.

I swiftly got super organised and ensured he went to the party he was invited to, thanks to another parent and arranged for Mr MDS to pick him up.

Luckily it was a pleasurable lunch venue with a great choice of food but sadly no Pimms so we had to hot foot it to a pub for that.

The hardest part was extracting myself from everyone to go home. My goodness the range of topics, gossip and views was varied and brilliant. As well as the company of the gorgeous Wendy B. it was a pleasure to meet Mr B, who is charming, considered and very very brilliant. Sharon Rose, Margaret and Liz were of course their usual wonderful selves and I will always feel eternally grateful to blogging for introducing me to them all. Much better than going to London Zoo.

Sharon's bag was more popular than her initially!

Wine before food

At last the transatlantic drink of choice!
Mr B, Penny Dreadful Vintage, Wendy B, Miss Peelpants, My-Style Sharon Rose

Cheers again & again!

Lovely jubbley

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Ebay tastic

It has taken ages and I still have a few items to list but I need a break from it! Here is the link to my stash And here are a few photos of the items ...

Saturday, 9 July 2011

High Street Pick of the Week

Another transitional item that will work now and probably right until the end of October. Lots of cost per wear opportunities. Floral is no longer restricted to dresses and is having a major trouser moment.

These pretty pair are from Topshop and are £38. I think the black option makes them more transitional and expect to feel flight and free in them!

Friday, 8 July 2011

Out with the old to a good home

Yep I'm on a mission. I'm having a mega wardrobe clearout and everything is going. It will take me weeks.The only items not getting the chop are my high end designer clobber, although I'm tempted to sell a rare Jean Patou coat.

It is time for a style mojo move on. I'm settling into my new arty farty writers lifestyle and can afford to have less now I've shed the demands of a stylist's lifestyle. Going forward I will be more circumspect in my buying and will be working what remains to tatters!

The dreaded eBay listing has begun. I only used to do it for clients or ex-shoot items. I've listed a few of my items in the past but this is really it the BIG CLEAROUT.

Here's a couple of items already up!

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Are you Kate, Celine or Marni?

Yesterday I did a small twitter survey on personal style. Yes even with 140 characters one can convey personal style to the masses.

My simple question was in essence do you prefer Kate Middleton, (officially the Duchess of Cambridge) modern minimalism (read Celine) or Marni. The overwhelming response was 100% Marni!

Of course I was being entirely selfish as I'm preparing my next wardrobe reshuffle. I'm willing to share my tips of course. I always forward plan my look for the next season and at the same time try to establish my true personal style.

My natural tendency and love is towards all things Italian - I'm sort of a bit prim mixed with eclectic when it comes to clothes. I couldn't do Celine as it is too clean and neat. I'd never be pristine and read like a 'how to dress as a lady' book, as per the Duchess of Lean (could she get any thinner) so in truth I am that Marni girl, a bit of a a mad mix but essentially a dress and skirts type of gal.

I'll be getting on with the wardrobe sort out now. And what style type are you? How would you categorise your preferences?

Duchess of Cambridge images Daily Mail

Celine A/W 11 images Style.com

Marni A/W 11 images Style.com

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Micro trend for A/W - the novelty knit

This is one trend that you will either run to the hills from based on the very real fact you might look a right nit wit.

If you want to embrace it then well, I think go quality i.e. splash the cash or keep it simple!

Blow the budget on a Markus Lupfer sequin Saturn jumper at Matches for £268

Keep it on the right side of affordable with a Knitted Cream Ampersand Symbol jumper for £46 at Topshop

Monday, 4 July 2011

The Groucho Club and beyond

Sometimes you need a jolly good night out, a bit of a blow out, so to speak. Mrs MDS has been languishing in the 'burbs analysing her 'options'. I'm surprised at how hard it is to adjust to a new direction. When I was invited to catch up with a few old chums in lieu of our last year's UK roadshow marathon who was I to say no.

Thanks to the celeb factor of one of the gang, The Groucho Club was our destination. How I loved the walk from Leicester Square to the Groucho. The pavements were filled with loads of people enjoying a warm London eve. I loved the smell of food, fumes and people.

Rocking up, I made for the roof terrace as I knew the smokers would be there (I'm not a smoke for clarification). I quickly got a Dirty Martini, my favourite drink - it was yummy. Subsequently I foolishly ignored the good advice of a very pleasant unknown person who suggested I tried the cucumber martini and had an espresso one instead. It was like lighting a rocket, normally I'm the sensible one but no, one moment sat chatting quietly the next I'm well besties with everyone. The only down side of this is there is not photo of my outfit which was a fab 70s look. Oh well ...it was fun and I really paid for it the next day!

Makeup artist Tara Mears looking resplendent in a Pearl Lowe number.

Saturday night we had to go out to a birthday party and again I meant to take a proper photo of my outfit but left my iPhone at home. I took these upon our return, not very good but I really loved what I was wearing, all old items. My sandals with tie up straps are Vic Matie ones from 2003, a D&G dress from 2 years ago off eBay and a Joseph knitted lurex thing which I love to death.

Now I'm ready to embrace my new life and make the most of it! Nothing like a Martini to shake you up.

Saturday, 2 July 2011

High Street Pick of the Week

Each week from now until September the high street pick of the week will be a transition piece. An item that can work now but then also for the winter. This week I return to an old favourite haunt Oasis.

This abstract poppy print dress stands on it own for now then work with the addition of a cardigan in the early Autumn. It is a little bit Anna W. and a little bit Pippa M.