Wednesday, 31 March 2010

End of No Fritter Challenge

Agh! Done. I cannot believe I've bought absolutely zilch and believe me I've been tempted. On the one hand I've nearly cried at the missed opportunities - the amazingly simple but wearable Gap shirt dress (all gone), a white Zara t-shirt with bow detail (gone) and a few other things that fell into the nice basics for wardrobe, camp. I've realised how easy it is to freshen up ones wardrobe by buying something new but I've realised this is a habit. A habit, I've so easily adopted over the years and now I've broken it.

Believe me it has been a chore rearranging and reassessing my wardrobe sometimes on a daily basis. I've made every piece work and worked things I've not bothered with much. As a result I've knackered my Gap khaki chinos, a couple of knits and during the cold spell a black H&M polo. However, it feels so good not to have spent anything and really worn what I've got. I have no intention on going on a spend frenzy, I think I prefer the new me.

Technically I've not saved a jot for buying a significant and stylish item but I've dented my post graduate debts and not added to them at all. I will once more be at liberty to purchase anything, although my finances currently don't stack up enough to do so. Believe me when I do I'll probably blog about the item for a week!

So how did you do - those that embraced the challenge?

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Points make prizes

Well actually in this case She magazine goody bags bits and pieces. I confess the baby sitter got the magazine, book and Simple bag with moisturisers. I'm keeping the Jo Hansford intensive hair mask - it is fab and perfect for after swimming. That leaves the lovely big scarf (I'm thinking useful for beach and summer turban!) and the £20 voucher for Planet for a reader to snag.

At the fashion show I was very impressed with this black dress from Planet. I was a bit worried as I only seem to like most of the black garments at the fashion show but they were all fresh, modern and looked great. This dress is a perfect day to dinner item if you live that sort of lifestyle or like me intend to! The voucher isn't acceptable at John Lewis - no pouting Mrs Fab.

Little Black Jersey dress Planet £89

To win the scarf and voucher (all independently sourced by moi, no backers just sheer generosity) just be a follower of this blog, leave a comment and the winner will be selected by random number generator thingy. Don't forget full goody bag available on Wacey Style

Monday, 29 March 2010

She Means Business fashion event

The spenders are often forgotten when it comes to fashion. Because after all fashion loves fashion and the continued love affair with itself seemingly makes for a more interesting read compared to hold the page a barrister might need help with a court suit or 'I'm an office girl who loves a bit of bling'. In reality it is all of us who buy clothes whether on the high street, or from Net-A-Porter or Bond St. And last Thursday evening in Canary Wharf I walked against the tide of ants leaving their work to HSBC Tower. Fellow stylists, Isobel Kershaw (NHJ Style), Claire Wacey and fashion assistant Tara Gadre were on hand to hold my pink fizzy drink whilst I used Claire's camera to snap the gathered throng. Claire has all the fashion show pics on her blog plus we bagged a goodie bag from the night to giveaway so after checking out these pics hot foot it to her blog to snag a prize

Both HSBC and She were attempting to give working women some fashion and fun as a reward for their hard work and demonstrating their support to business women. I really enjoyed meeting women who wanted to be inspired by high street fashion to add some zing to their wardrobes. It was a relaxed, unhurried fashion affair and even I got wowed by some individual pieces (I'm always so hard to please).

She editor Claire Irvin front row of course!

HSBC bank plc CEO Paul Thurston with She Editor Claire Irvin

TV Presenter & Celebrity Stylist Nicky Hambleton-Jones compared the fashion show and graciously posed with lots of lovely business ladies

l to r, Claire Wacey chats with Francesca Moser, Senior Fashion Assistant, She and Pamela Harris Deputy Fashion Editor, She plus our drinks! Both Francesca and Pamela were hands on for the night dressing the models.
Nicky resplendent in D&G post baby Benny, 10 weeks old (awh!)

Laura Kate Scott from Leeds was as amazing as Florence of Florence and the Machines (note to self get Mr MDS to book Somerset House gig asap). More importantly she is a hat maker!

Take a peek at this beauty. The shape and stitching were fabulous and as she's just starting out you can check out Laura Kate's website here

I loved these Kurt Geiger studded brogues I spotted on my mingling mission

Russell Amerasekera from The Rocket Science Group - a natural performer!

Georgia and Olivia from The Isle of Dogs sitting proudly with their Louis Vuitton Damier Duomo handbags

This months (April) cover of She. It was a large blow up and for some reason I had a childish urge to draw a moustache on Angelina

Becky from Battersea wearing French Connection, Claire Wacey wearing Topshop jumpsuit and Lucy from St Albans wearing Reiss top with a gorgeous necklace from The Dressing Room, St Albans. Lucy also had the urge to moustache Angelina

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Punk rock French style

The petit garcon and I were watching the new Scooby Doo cartoons (he loves Daphne and Scooby) when I was transported back to a time and place with Plastic Bertrand's Ca Plane Pour Moi. It was actually used in the cartoon to accompany those pesky kids capering around.

I can't actually download the video for some technical reason I cannot fathom so here is the link to the video on YouTube

What is it with the French this week they are dominating my life!

Saturday, 27 March 2010

High Street Pick of the Week

Never had I thought the shop Next would feature on this blog and certainly not as a high street pick of the week. I'm no fashion snob but since the dizzy days of the first ever Next catalogue I've never had recourse to go there. There are stores that I just don't do because they never cross my mind, I've had a bad customer experience or really they are not for me or any clients, unless the store happens to be my client!

Next falls into the never crosses my mind category, as apart from petit garcon's Ben 10 pyjamas and Scooby Do slippers foray he insisted on, I don't think I've set foot in there in years. But Thursday evening at the She magazine/HSBC Women in Business fashion event (more on this next week, it was a latish night, canapés, Cava and too much fun) lo and behold this came down the catwalk and I was transported poolside with cocktail. One of my fellow stylists friends may have hissed 'I'd rather get something similar from Topshop' but at £45 what do I care!

Psst - don't style it as in image, go for a more boho and flip flop look unless you are actually poolside on an evening in Miami or Capri!

Friday, 26 March 2010

French mode (less)

French style is I'm afraid purely for the French. I am not French and therefore I will not ever be possessed of an ease of dressing that is reserved mainly (and sadly) for French women. I reached this conclusion on the staircase of the London College of Fashion whilst engaged in a chat with Dr Agnès Rocamora

It was the ease of the look, the slight chic edge that was effortless. She was wearing a black leather jacket, I hesitiate to use the word bomber but it was of that vein. A navy v neck knit, a dark grey or black a-line skirt accessorised by black nails. It was simplicity and it was perfection. Except I realised that along with the fact concluded years ago that I wasn't Grace Kelly, I'm also not French. I'm also currently not as clever as
Agnès but there is hope on that front.

Oh well c'est la vie!

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Take 3 Dresses

The nautical look is a perennial of the spring summer fashion wardrobe. You either love or hate stripes, it is a Marmite thing. For me it is a case of what's not to love. But I advise caution when it comes to buying, not because I'm a believer of some silly rules invented about what you can and can not wear - you know me it is all about proportions and using your eye.

The caution you need to exercise is in the cut of the cloth. Cheaper high street products are fine for the beach but if you want to cut muster out and about then go for quality. I've chosen 3 options to suit taste and body shapes all from my-wardrobe.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010


A bout de souffle or in English Breathless (1960) remains probably one of the most iconic films in terms of style. Both due to the style of the film and the clothes. Jean Seberg with her cropped hair, cigarette pants and stripes remains my favourite girl about town look. I need to get a sewing machine to make a dress like above.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

All Change

After much copy and paste of html code, I've finally rearranged the blog. It has 3 columns now.
Note, no advertising and I'm afraid my three ladies are on the side having a chat now about the price of handbags and shoes.

Revamp planned!

I loved this on the outside of Fenwick's as an explanation of cleaning the building. It reminded me I need to do an uplift to, or powder this blog. I'm loathed to go over to a full web page as I love the rough and ready aspect of blogger. However if anyone does have handy hints on how to tackle a template and tart a blog up - do share!

PS Update - have managed to get to 3 columns!! Now all I need to do is header - help?

Monday, 22 March 2010

Ciao Bella!

He swore blind he was Russell Crowe and not Spartacus

It was a tough weekend in Cardiff for the rugby! I cannot divulge the ridiculousness that took place, although I would suggest that B57s should not be the shot of choice. On the basis you would have had to have been there, I'll keep it brief. 8 of us wore Welsh skirts, Primarni red sunglasses and yellow flowers for hair. It was not classy nor edgy or fashion forward. It was pure unadulterated fun and we won.

now that is a fierce skirt

fringe shot!

PS Update - can I please thank Carluccio Cardiff for the wonderful Egg Florentine I had for breakfast with Bicerin. It kept me alive and got me home, even if I did doze off in the first class carriage, apologise to fellow travellers. I saw someone on the Bakerloo on Sat morning sleeping and though how uncouth - opps!

PPS Update 2
Daffodil heads are wrong. It is an obvious accessory. Whilst mini skits, red sunglasses and yellow flower accesory suggest styling, flair and fore thought. Yes I know you are still not buying this look!

Saturday, 20 March 2010

High Street Pick of the Week

Whilst I'm singing 'Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau' on Saturday afternoon you'll probably be out shopping. Pop into Oasis to pick up this fabby necklace to add a Martini moment to any outfit.

Friday, 19 March 2010

Result! An award

I've got about 5 mins to catch up on blogs and do a post. The lovely Sharon Rose the Thrifting Queen very kindly gave me an award. This is good news otherwise I would have bored you with my cycling attack by snappy dogs incident this morning on way to train station. I was cycling through the park when two goodness knows what snappy things went for me. The owner was useless and basically I swore (quite a bit). At the other end of the park are a group of school kids no doubt amused by what would look like Anna Wintour on a Pashley cycle from a distance (my Pink Soda Coat with DVF dress, Pierre Hardy shoes and Chanel sunnies plus my new fringe) going round in circles being attacked by yappy critters. After making my escape, as I got close to them I breezily said 'That was a spectacle wasn't it.' Okay now I have bored you with my 7:45am drama.

So, over to the award. The rules of acceptance include telling of 7 things about yourself and passing on this award to 7 other beautiful bloggers, so here goes!!

1. My vehicle of choice is my Pashley
2. I have been known to swear like a trouper (please see above extenuating circumstances)
3. I have a weakness for Percy Pigs from M&S
4. Nearly every morning I start the day with fresh carrot, apple and ginger juice thanks to my juicer.
5. Mr MDS irons his own shirts, I'm too slapdash.
6. I'm a complete neat freak
7. I'm off to Cardiff on Saturday for the rugby, Wales v Italy - it will be lush!

I tag these 7 seven lovely bloggers

Faux Fuchsia
La Belette Rouge
Wife in the City
That's not my Age
Forty Not Out
and Fashion Pearl's of Wisdom (I needed her Henry Holland F.F.S t-shirt yesterday morning)

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Capes, Memories and Photo MeMe

Wildernesschic tagged me for a photo meme, for which I'm quite grateful since this is a busy week. I've hardly had a chance to touch the ground let alone think. Yesterday one of my clients flew into London for a shop en route to South Africa. I style a lot of TV journalists because I understand the nature of the game and the requirement for the camera. The work clothes tend to be practical but then the creativity is in the personal wardrobe. Our worlds are completely opposite given I'm never going to be stood reporting with bombs exploding in the background and they rarely spend a moment thinking about or buying clothes. Today I'm teaching.

The point of the photo meme is to open a folder and select the 10th photo. I started with A which happened to be anniversary. So this is me on our first wedding anniversary. I'm stood in the folly in the grounds of the hotel in Wiltshire where we were married.

I've added my actually wedding day photo to show that I actually wore a cape. Most people don't believe me. Mine is black velvet and lined with a silk in the colour of Tiffany blue. I had it made especially and would like to state for the record I was into capes before everyone else! (That's for you Mrs Fab xx)

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Cigarette anyone?

I'm on the hunt for the perfect cigarette trousers. Once spotted I will save and save to purchase. I am in need of a pair.
These tuxedo trousers by Celine at Matches are out of my reach at £550 but look divine (sigh, double sigh)

Toast have some for £125 but they have a stripe and are in the wrong colours blue or grey and it has to be black!

I know it is probably the wrong season but does anyone have any suggestions for where to find the perfect pair. Let me know if you do that would be smoking!

Monday, 15 March 2010

Betwixt and Between

This is a busy week for me, which is good news as some money will hit my bank at some point. I'm still sticking to the no fritter and am on course to turn everything around financially. The No Fritter challenge almost draws to a close only 15 days to go and apart from a rush on Percy Pigs last week I can hold my hand on heart and state (so far) I've done good, bought nothing.

Career is still a sticking point. It is not something that will change in a day or week but I'm having to work at going forward. I had a film bid rejected yesterday, but the work I've done so far is a great building block to continue with the project. Rejection is always a toughie because it dents hope and at some point rejection if continuous, spells the end of a dream. But I favour the Winston Churchill view that with every no you are closer to a yes. Though this has to be tempered with not appearing like your taking part in a delusional X Factor audition!

Now if I could get another piece of work between now and April and magic myself to an Italian size 38 I'd be clicking the shopping cart on the Outnet for this Alberta Ferretti skirt.

Just browsing

On-line vintage boutiques are such a treat and Mary Moore Vintage is one I dribble over. I always wish I'd discovered this before I got married as I love the wedding dresses and would have snapped up the Snow Queen 1940s one.

It is the wonderful diverse selection of 1950s dresses that makes me wish I had a cocktail evening or two to throw

all dresses Mary Moore Vintage