Friday, 30 September 2011

High Street Pick of the Week

I'm having a skirt moment and methinks the skirt moment is a movement. Embrace the skirt in all its current fashion manifestations. Who knows what to do - pleat, leather, midi or mini. Gosh what is a girl to do.

Try the middle ground, almost knee length, a style to wear by day or night. A little bit Carrie and the sort of skirt that boys like too. It is a shame it now comes with the seen in i stamp but between you and me I bought mine 3 weeks ago and was loathed to share but share I must in the spirit of solving skirt style matters.

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Go classic

Now this is nothing to do with the Middleton gals and more to do with Miuccia(Prada), Margaret (Howell) and Marni. I find the Middletons have too a high a heel preference for my liking and I know they are never going to step out in ankle socks or thick tights. It is that NYC bare legs thing or a good old fashion Sloane 10 denier thing for them.

Instead I prefer to mix my M&M's in a different way. I take a blend of Miuccia, skirts, ankle socks, design with a dash of Margaret, simple, sensible, easy to wear and a slug of Marni, more ankle socks, classic with a twist. Which gives me the Edie shoe from Kurt Geiger in Navy Blue

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

New Nail Trend

I've noticed a new hand trend, a micro trend I expect to grow. No nail varnish and no show off rings.
Famously Coco Chanel never wore nail polish on her hands - I bet a lot of you didn't know that. I've always found it ironic that Chanel does such a great line in nail varnish and of course I've been very happy to purchase said polish and put it on my finger nails.

Always happy to embrace a trend that saves money- look no nail polish! And no showy off rings.

And it isn't just me...

image from Daily Mail (fyi)

Will you be embracing the no nail polish, no bling hands option?

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Renew, Revive, Refresh

The joy of making do is in the preparation and effort. I love an opportunity to sort out my wardrobe and discard any truly beyond repair items. Often is something is beyond repair I'll wear it for a whole week to eek the last ounce of use out of it. I have a really nice t-shirt from Reiss but the cotton has bobbled so badly not even my debobble machine can assist in a refresh. I intended to wear it all next week until it either looks grubby or smells. I'm actually very clean and neat so I take an age to make clothes truly dirty.

In my most recent summer clothes pack away (which lasted 5 minutes as the weather suddenly decided that sunshine was the order of the day again) and winter item injection; I discovered three items I didn't think I'd wear again. One was my favourite jumper which I've had for 7 years and can't part with. It does need a small darn and I decided to dye it navy to give it a new lease of life with me. I wanted a navy v neck and decided it was cheaper to invest in some Dylon and salt than to buy a new one.


I know it was a lovely green but I'd got bored of the colour and needed something navy. I also updated my red jeans which were originally a pale red that I dyed to a bright red and now I've given them a russet edge for this season!

Finally I dyed a Zara cream top to Burlesque Red and a thick cable yellow cotton Pringle jumper to black! Both will work for me this winter as layers to keep me warm while writing at home in the day (I intend to not use the heating as much as I can to save pounds). 

All I have left to do now is sew on some new brown leather buttons I bought to replace the existing ones on Mr MDS's black trench to give it a little renewal.

Don't be afraid to dye clothes in a bucket or machine. I buy Dylon dyes from John Lewis or Robert Dyas and the required salt to seal the dye. I use washing up gloves to attempt to keep my hands dye free.

 Useful barrier

All clean again

Top tip: Wash dyed items with like colours for the first few washes after dying, just in case of any residue running.

Monday, 26 September 2011

Make Do Style is revived

Well more precisely I'm revived! Gosh it has been an Ibsen play, long periods of inactivity and the liklihood some of you have fallen asleep. Yes I've been a drama queen - oh woah is me. What shall I do with my life? How do I juggle work and family? Although this has taken place without a Jonathan Ross interview or a fabulous wardrobe. I've mainly been languishing in suburbia and fretting my head over no end of worries involving worth, status and a rage against elitism, the idle rich and Ocado.

My pet hates have been people who become stylists with no formal training whether through grafting their way up in the fashion industry or via academic learning and then practical application. Blogging has turned hobby driven indulgence into a viable means of income. Of course in some case this should be celebrated and the egalitarianism of opportunity again a cause for celebration but in other ways it makes me mad that people who study hard or work hard get undercut by trust fund or husband supported hobbyists. There I've got it out of my system...I can move on and I have finally found my equilibrium. Understandably after graduating from LCF over 18 months ago with my MA in Fashion and Film and with the petit garcon about to go to school I felt I couldn't return to commercial and personal styling work. The hours are too long. The effort required as a freelancer and at the time many of my clients had slashed their budgets.

The long and winding road included attempting to sell beauty products. I was truly rubbish, it makes me laugh but at least I know this. I still use the Arbonne products and buy from my own shop, which saves me lots of money and keeps me perky with fab products. In Mr MDS is addicted to their men's beauty products. In truth I really need a break from fashion and styling. I had entered that gnarled bitter and twisted phase that sometimes happen when you love something. Time out, time to reflect and very kind people have given me a purpose and structure again.

Look I'm smiling!!

I promise to blog again properly. I will endeavour to get back into commenting on everyone else's wonderful blogs. The petit garcon is in Y1 of school and he is left handed so I really need to be on top of his learning spurt and ensure that he gets the right support. I don't expect the school to deliver everything unaided so I must make the right amount of effort. Quite frankly it is a jungle out there and I'm a lioness.

The good news is the wonderful NHJ Style as well as keeping me on to teach on their Style Academy courses have asked me to be their E-Stylist. Nicky Hambleton-Jones has a lovely young son of 18 months and is only just now getting back into her stride and work. It is always good to work for people who have a fantastic ethos when it comes to work life balance and of all the people and companies I've worked for Nicky is the best. With my E-Styling, a magazine fashion writing contract and my own book to finish I'm suddenly feeling rather back on track. The fact I no longer have to go to fashion weeks to work on or view shows, or that I'm not on speed dial for photographers or art directors any more is the past. I will miss styling people and doing style events as well but I have a different life now and sometimes it is enough to accept change and roll with it rather than stamping ones feet. 

This blog will continue to be a mix of fashion analysis, trends and what to buy with the usual mix of making do.

UPDATE: For those who've asked the dress is a DVF number from 2008 purchased from the wonderful online DVF shop at Matches

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Splurge or Squirrel

Something about September makes you suddenly splurge on a few items but there is always an alternative if you have more squirrel tendencies when it comes to parting with your money for a fashion fix.

Mr Marc Jacobs is full of resourceful referencing and I'm beginning to think he spotted me in my 70s jumpers as a child. I felt so nostalgic when I spied this knit number on Matches online store.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Space Dyed Sweater £220 Matches

Still trust Zara to have their fingers on the pulse with their next to nothing offerings. It might not have the finesse of the higher designed item but it will keep you warm in winter and give a nod to early 70s sweaters.

Monday, 19 September 2011

Setting out my store

I suspect it is important put ones writing into context. I was struck by this thought as I read Suzanne Moore's Saturday Guardian article. I know what I'm getting when I read The Guardian and I like what I get in the main. Mind you I am a serial purchaser of The Torygraph too on a Friday for my favourite fashion writer Lisa Armstrong. Why I even take a peek at Femail (gulp).

Mix it all up I say, but then I don't tread a fashion line of worship at the alter of supposed fashion icons/celebs. I love and loathe the mainstream in equal measure. The bits I love are the idea of it all, the purity of the fashion industry devoid of hype, in-crowd, all the excess and cliches. Therefore it is the hype, in-crowd mentality, excess and cliches I loathe.

When I graduated from LCF, Magaret Howell was awarded an honorary doctorate. I love her simplicity, her ethos and I really wish I'd gone to her LFW show. Also Emma Hope was given an honorary something too and delivered a corker of a speech and looked at everyones shoes when they went up to receive their degrees! Margaret Howell, Emma Hope, Ally Capellino are amongst my most treasured fashion peeps. Unassuming and diligent.

Margaret Howell S/S12

My only dissent from this love of the understated and quiet is Anna Wintour. I have a ridiculous soft spot and adore her. In truth there is no logic to what and who I like but overall whilst I'm a major proponent of the fashion industry, I truly believe it needs to be examined in the context of what I would define (to borrow a fashion phrase) 'The Fabulous' and 'The Not Fabulous'.

I'm still working on a post about Fashion Blogging & Marketing and then I intend to use Monday's as a serious start the week post on 'The Fabulous' and 'The Not Fabulous'. Watch this space and join in the discussion with gusto. Mind you I thought this one from Tanya Gold was a bit predictable and not very fabulous - what do you think?

Friday, 16 September 2011

High Street Pick of the Week

Phase Eight is not often a retailer I look at or think about. However this season there is a surprise secret for fans of A-line skirts...Phase Eight have a good range and at decent price for very good quality.

If you are looking to colour block, mix pattern and print or be a minimalist then Phase 8 have that key A-line skirt for you. Who would have known it!

This one is very Marni-esque and John Lewis have a great delivery or pick up service so the buying experience should be a marriage of fashion ease and joy.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Keep your neck toasty

Yes, yes I know I was meant to be discussing blogging & marketing today but honestly I've been exhausted since Monday's post.

Instead I've decided to address the forthcoming cold weather. It isn't quite here yet not well and truly that is. Teawithonesugarplease and I have discussed our cold spots via Twitter as you do. She suffers with her toes and I suffer with my neck. I can't abide a draught and love a polo neck on the basis it offers some protection but regardless of their coming fashion credentials this season I can't live in one.

How handy is this then from Toast. I love a snood...

Monday, 12 September 2011

What would Mrs Fashion say?

If only I knew the answer to that question. How I miss Mrs Fashion, she was my favourite blogger. Due to her early retirement from the blogosphere I still hanker after her posts. Would I be saying that know more than 5 years on if she was still a blogger. I think so. Mrs Fashion had that perfect blend of writing, fashion knowledge and magazine (or newspaper) insider edge. I suspect she is thanking her lucky stars she has remained anonymous (I never did discover who she was, a matter that piques me to this day) and not had a spread in Grazia.

I've alluded to of late about undertaking an assessment of fashion blogging. Why? Well I don't think a really biting analysis has taken place. I have no desire to undermine blogging or fashion blogging in particular but there are questions to be raised. Fashion blogging is merely a blip on the global phenomenon that is blogging. The United States have led the way, political blogging, social commentary being the foremost of this publishing genre. Fashion blogging is a small element of the blogging world. This helps to put it in perspective. I'm in my 6th year of blogging. My first endeavours were hopeless. I was a whim, I bottled out of pushing the publish post button and then managed to forget my password so lost my original http which was I then set up a new url makedostyle and spent a year reading all the fashion blogs I could devour.

My original banner - I've missed these ladies, seeing this again makes me think they should come back!

I was reading blogs via blogrolls. Mrs Fashion, Style Bubble, Wendy Brandes Jewellery, Kingdom of Style , lots of Scandinavian ones including the one which caused an international search for a missing blogger, who's name escapes me now but she really was the one who set the pace along with Fashion Toast for the posing and alternative way to dress. Back then (rolls eyes) it really did feel quite subversive. Ignoring all the rules of publishing, a heady mix of graphics, home made photos, fashion fact, observation and personal information set the pace for a new force of fashion fun.

It was mainly fun, it was uplifting and I spent a lot of time reading French blogs and wistfully wishing I was 20 again. The youthful nature of the bloggers was a joy. I have to admit I miss Style Bubble pre Susie and Steve moving in together! It was the personal nature of fashion blogging that on the one hand can be a bit banal but on the other introduced you to a community. A community that made you know people before you met them. Meeting fellow bloggers was bizarre. At first it felt like stalking but then quickly it became a norm and lost the freaky feel!

Rebakah Roy (Stylist Stuff blog) & me at the Victor & Rolf exhibition, Barbican August 2008

Fashion blogging was the perfect antidote to the exclusive elite fashion in crowd. It was our party and the fashion elite weren't needed or invited. It was challenging the traditional norms of print, publishing and marketing. At first the fashion industry was needled. Badly so. I was at an industry event early in 2007 and someone who shall remain nameless was very disparaging about fashion bloggers. Of course I merely nodded my head and smiled inwardly. The fact is now most of the fashion industry from editorial, to retailers to designers etc. have all embraced or aped blogging. By 2008 there was a sharp reversal of views and the race was on to 'own the space'.

The fashion blogging rift was about to begin....suddenly instead of a mutual appreciation club, a level playing field of shared passion/interest the blogging elite were created. A combination of marketing and genuine content precipitated a fashion buy out or sell out! The marketing aspect was numbers driven, suddenly how many followers, readers you had became important! This could make or break your 'worth'.

The immediate winners were Fashion Toast, Bryan Boy, Style Bubble and Style Rookie. The immediate losers were all the housefraus the world over. Then in the middle a few others, mainly with insider credentials i.e. peeps who were already editorial staff in some format, started to be include in the mix of bright young things.

The important point in all of this is that anyway anyone can or wants to earn money is fine by me. This examination is not a criticism of how people earn their money. Gosh it is hard enough to make ends meet these days unless you fall into the top earning percentiles. What this is about is how blogging has become mainstream and subsumed into the establishment. Capitalism has become its driver, success based on the measure of rising to the top, increasing earning potential and generally accepting the accolade of the mainstream method.

I have no doubt that fashion blogging didn't set out to or intend to precipitate a revolution or question the notions of elitism or egalitarianism. Good grief it was all about the dresses, shoes and bags. The lovely Wendy Brandes decided to make her blog all about marketing her jewellery business and rightly so. Blogging gave Wendy a platform to undertake affordable and good marketing directly to the right audience. But Wendy doesn't just use her blog to promote her jewellery, nope she interjects it with personal stuff, her views, Family Guy, and lots of history, oh and more Family Guy. This gives a taste of what blogging has done. It blended the journalistic approach to a subject and wove in the gung ho nature of the columnist to varying levels of success. Arguably fashion blogging finest achievement is the 'curation' of the ordinary. Ordinary women all over the world (the exceptions are stark, mainly most of Africa, and huge swathes of South America) have shared their most everyday wears. If I were a social historian or a fashion curator this is where my days would be spent, let the fashion magazine curate the obvious!

The fact that many bloggers are now absorbed in the mainstream of fashion magazines and retailing I suppose was inevitable. Many like Kingdom of Style have resisted and stayed the same. Bloggers like Susie Lau of Style Bubble and Navaz of Disneyrollergirl have both managed to stay part blogger/part industry, which they always were to some extent with their media backgrouds.

LinkSusie really set the pace and her love of blogging pushed it further. She always wanted to work in a way that allowed her to blog full time and she has achieved this. Equally Navaz who is a wonderful fashion illustrator (I managed to capture her Oasis balloons in my short film) and has always have a clear covert-able aesthetic is still working freelance as she was before with increased success. Nothing ever stays the same but there is a part of me that laughs at the ridiculous nature of being sold via a magazine a top blogger who you used to read years ago but got really bored of. I understand I was an early adopter of blogging and it is only in the last year or so it has become mainstream but the fashion industry likes to cherry pick those they are comfortable with, they might already know them or somehow they are more acceptable than say a 50 something maverick living in LA like Sister Wolf. Sister Wolf is less palatable due to her unforgiving nature of questioning fashion excess. Her notoriety in respect of biting critique often to the bone was highlighted with her views on materialism and excess by vilifying Sea of Shoes

This is the stuff of life outside of the sanitised fashion magazine world where it is all kisses and luvvies. Jane of Sea of Shoes is doing as she pleases (I'll admit some of which I find hard to stomach but each to their own) and her mum Judy is a fabulous photographer of her daughter. Judy's blog Atlantis Home was one of my first reads. I have mixed views on Judy's blog but on the whole I rather like her spunky American upbeat take. She was also extremely kind to Sister Wolf when she lost her son. They managed to find a friendship of sorts through email. And this is why blogging has not been wholly consumed by the fashion industry - the drama's still continue outside of the mainstream print!

The cache of blogger turned photographer, turned author turned whatever is still the holy grail for some but I find this mix of making up your profile as you go along a worrying trend. We all change jobs and careers. Some of us might have to do a day job whilst building up a business. There are no rules about who or what you should be but the worry for authentic blogging, for the beauty of there being no rules and doing just as you please is that many who achieve success through their blogs were already working in a freelance capacity as a journalist, a fashion PR or had undertaken intern work on a magazine. There is a lot of nepotism and stage managing of who is in, so to speak. A good example of someone who worked hard at her job and has honed her skills and has been focused on her ambition is Style Slicker. Kit has just worked and worked and worked. She is young, talented and focused. Equally I can't deny that after years of working within the news industry as a features writer Liberty London Girl through what was a very interesting and witty blog to start with about her dating in New York has become a myriad of offerings in the fashion press but when you work freelance I think you have to grab what you can, but...
... let's not pretend that those who are selected are better than anyone else because that would defeat the pleasure and nature of blogging. Surely it is more than the sum of being an extension of marketing or a fashion features or a business proposition. I like the honesty of Looking Fab At Any Age (formally in your 40s) for being a shop window to accessible and good fashion for Forty somethings - and great if she can make some money out of it. Coco's Tea Party is still my go to place for celebrity information, dressing and Ella's love of the fashion industry and all its trappings is a fabulous perspective.

Where would I be without the diverse reading of That's Not My Age, Faux Fuchsia, Mrs Bossa, Vintage Vixen, Fashion's Most Wanted, Fashion's Pearl's of Wisdom and My Style -Thrifting, Fashion and me, to name a few! I could extend the list to past, present and future but this post is long enough. I far prefer these blogs and they have saved me a fortune over the years in magazines and entertained me much more!

The point of this post is what next for fashion blogging? I still think a spirit of subversiveness prevails. I was reminded of this when reading Lisa Armstrong in The Daily Telegraph. Lisa Armstrong is my favourite fashion journalist. I only used to buy The Times on a Wednesday due to her. I'm thankful she's left the Murdoch stable and is now at The Telegraph. The Telegraph feels like a subversive paper these days, who knew that the Torygraph could be the main force of good and attack against the institute of Parliament and the current coalition! Lisa Armstrong is back to her biggest and best. Her disregard for following the pack (much like the wonderful Hadley Freeman) is evident and yet she still has the great ability to mix the good of fashion and dispense it fairly to us all. Lisa has given me hope for fashion bloggers to find a new way of forging the spirit of it's evolution. A spirit that stepped away from the mainstream, examined, challenged and questioned the predictable offering of the fashion magazine and mixed it up a bit.

The main challenge is to keep challenging, not to accept the accolade of 15 minutes of fame but to continue to forge new ways of talking about fashion, examining the fashion industry and how to find new hand to face poses! More importantly how can we stop models or celebrities as designers..if there is one campaign I'd like to start it would be this one!

And I'm sure you lot all have views on this. Do share and Pearl, don't ever stop using your brick wall as a back drop to your outfits! Keep recycling that brick wall!

And as for Mrs Fashion if you do happened to chance upon this - let us know what you think.

Wednesday - Bloggers & advertising/marketing - is it really worth it!

Friday, 9 September 2011

High Street Pick of the Week

Friday is the new place for old favourite 'High Street Pick of the Week', makes sense if you are popping to the shops of a Friday lunchtime or having a mooch of a Saturday.

My pick this week brings tears to my eyes as I loved it upon sight but realised that I am too old to carry it off or wear it. My tears are those of grief for my misspent youth and the fun and frolics I had. I know I've had many variations of this dress over the years and it reminds me of one Paul Smith did about four years ago which had a pearl encrusted peter pan collar. And before anyone thinks I'm being hard on myself, I'm not. I've got the legs for this dress but I'm too busty these days and *ahem* now I'm in my 40s the effort required to stop any spread is ten fold. Who knew the challenges ahead.

Warehouse have really upped the ante with their design team and this dress is from a range called 'Signature'. At £45 I think it is a great price for those in their 20s. It looks lovely, it is the perfect aspiring Alexa Chung look and get it while you can.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Fashion night nought!

Women! Take not wish away your life on thinking of men folk or the perfect relationships go out now and party for ever more. This stuff about marriage, kids etc. 'tis all nonsense.
This picture should serve as a warning that men are still on top and wearing the headdresses!

Let me put it another way, would you like control of the TV remote? Would you like to nip into London town for Vogue's Fashion Night Out? Would you enjoy making use of all the invites you've received and grab a few canapes and cocktails on the way - hmm! Would you like to fret over the choice of a car to Fulham for the Tods after party or rocking up to Mahiki for the DKNY after party? Yes, I thought so.

Rewind....Mrs MDS usually meets Mr MDS on a Thursday night for a drink or a bite to eat. It is their only time together on their own. Occasionally they have to sacrifice this pleasure but on the whole, they make the effort. Mrs MDS had so many Fashion Night Out invites she didn't know what to do. So she planned a few early meets with some friends and then the Bond St and surrounding shops invites with Mr MDS. With Mahiki being the favourite option for a cocktail then home.

Tuesday, Mr MDS comes home and says 'I forgot that I was going with *x friends* to drive *y's* car round Brans Hatch on Thursday.' Mrs MDS counts to 10 in her head. Mentally rips up all the invites in her head as well. Loses control of her facial muscles momentarily and sighs. It might have been a snort but ...Remembering it is best to be positive , she says 'Oh well, what a shame' and thinks those 'Marc Jacob shoes will be mine!'

In a fit of generosity she distributes her well organised route to a friend to enjoy with her plus one and looks forward to a night in charge of the remote control with soothing camomile tea.

The moral of the story is there is a very good reason why boots are made for walking especially ones with pointy heels.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

New Rule, One In One Out

In my increasing drive for wardrobe efficiency, I like to introduce helpful new rules. The only point of my rules is to make me think, evaluate and hesitate. It is all too easy to suddenly need or want something but without doing a double check on your current stock!

I've decided one in, one out is a simple proposition to prevent overstocking. If I have too many clothes I get overwhelmed and have to clear my wardrobe out. I have no aversion to hoarding but I have no capacity or funds to allow me to do this. I have to keep a strict check on it all.

I wanted to buy two tops for the A/W season and I spied two that fitted the bill on
With free p&p and returns on orders over £75 (mine was £76 in total) I was happy to take a punt and avoid the shops. I actually loved three but luckily the third one was out in my size. I've longed for a navy star top for ages and I love the sleeve detail on this one.

Every winter I add some floral to my wardrobe and having sold my other floral tops because they weren't quite right, I finally feel as if I've found my favourite.
Both of these are keepers. I will wear them until they wear out. I'm really into wearing things out too. Once an item is bobbled to b*$"*&^ or beyond repair they go to the textile recycle collection bank.

The final top, the one that got away is a gorgeous red number and I'm still tempted but prudence has got the better of me.

Before I hit the send button to seal the deal, I had to select two items from my wardrobe to go on eBay as part of my one in one out strategy. One item has been sat waiting to be sold for ages my Comptoirs des Cotonniers cardigan, unworn and unloved - if I'm honest I'm a little to busty for it, otherwise it would be a winner! The other is a dress I've worn once and it is a little bit big for me - that's ready to wear for you! It is a fabulous violet colour and I had to add a belt to make it fit my small waist. I've listed the dress but so far for some reason unknown to me I've not been able to list the cardigan, so that is one my to do list. The sales won't pay for my spree but it will help ease my mind and keep me in check!

Pearl Lowe dress get bidding!

Soon to be on eBay!

Do you apply such rigour to your wardrobe and spending habits?

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

'The Bitch is Back'

Well, I've always wanted to use that as a blog post title and guess what in part it is true. I am stone cold sober and on occasions one has been known to well....bitch!

My vacation is over, the petit garcon is back at school. I have no more excuses not to blog. However I have not been idle. My serious fashion post examining 'untouchable fashion idols' is still work in progress. I have lots of useful what to buy, how to make do posts to come too.

In addition to holidaying, playing tennis, badminton, swimming, making builders cups of tea and Grufflo snakes & ladders, I have been writing. It does mean I have decided that I am certainly not returning to styling as my day job. The break has been a revelation. I know I could also never return to working for a company. Even though my greatest regret is that I didn't jump ship from Elle magazine to a national daily - not that I was offered a job at one, more my youthful ignorance of exploiting connections and humble deferential nature in days gone by - I'm not going to try to become a hack. I have a hacks brain and a very creative one at that. As hard as it is going to be I am focused on just being a WRITER (if it is in capitals it feels like a contract).

Being a writer is quite lonely, so thank goodness for twitter, although this is more of a distraction at times, it does allow you a fun five minutes of often pointless contact with no one in particular and everyone. More of my writing will unfold shortly...get those Kindles at the ready!

For now I only have one further point to make, what is it with people and their made up work? How can you be model cum designer cum actress cum surfer cum property magnate! Or blogger cum editor cum photographer cum consultant cum stylist? Who knew that your job could change on a daily basis encompassing anything and everything. Does anyone say taxi driver cum cleaner cum locksmith - no! I rest my case. They don't because they have to hold down a proper job to earn an income. Look in any magazine and you will see a list of people with their job titles attributed to them. What is it with bloggers turned x or x turned blogger that makes for a fanciful attempt to create a role for themselves? What do you think? Don't worry this bitch is going to do a post on this subject...

'When I'm good, I'm very good. But when I'm bad I'm better.' Mae West