Friday, 22 February 2013

High St Pick of the Week

Once again the weather is conspiring to prevent use of either ones transitional wardrobe pieces or the already purchased new season items. It is seemingly impossible to enjoy the spring summer items in any form other than freezing or aided by thermal under garments which somewhat rules out showing an ankle or two.

The only option is to buy a dress that allows tights and a layered long sleeve top. Kit yourself out in a black base layer and pull this number from Whistles over your head and breathe...the crocuses and daffodils are attempting to appear spring is nearly here. Once the weather warms up ditch the under layers, spray tan your legs and add a bright coloured shoe.

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Freedom from Fashion Weeks

Tis a terrible thing to say but at last I feel free from the endless succession of parades that is fashion week. Fashion week of New York, London, Milan and Paris. Don't get me wrong I won't stop loving the new seasons, I won't stop coveting the new collections but I'm no longer a player merely a bystander and it is so much more relaxing.

Firstly I lose any need to go to certain shows or feel a glimmer of envy when someone else gets invited but I don't. After all the lack of invites means endless press rounds later to really get to grips with the collections that are going into store. I still will have to do a few press rounds for a few retailers for my magazine writing but that is it. I go because it is really useful and I like doing it.

Secondly my wardrobe needs never fear not having current items. If I want them then I can but if not there is no obligation to be 'current' 'on trend' or wearing something the right way. Freedom.

Now I am merely a bystander I can glance because right now my life is full of writing, publishing matters and getting to grips with the publishing industry and how the trade functions...which might mean I need a new look.....

My book Girlynomics is available to download onto Kindle from Amazon and this is its first review.

image: Topshop Unique at London Fashion Week

Monday, 4 February 2013

High St Pick of the Week

What with writing the new novel and Girlynomics being published last week I anticipated blog neglect. So far I have failed to get Twisted Skirt up and running properly but nearly there! I fully intend to keep posting on Make Do Style until I've managed to get everything in order.

The High St Pick of the Week has been much neglected but as the new season items come in store now really is the time to give some recommendations.

Despite the cold and forecasted snow for the UK this week, yes it might snow again, I'm all about summer items. And there are some wonderful pieces coming online and into stores. Today sees the launch of the Baukjen S/S13 collection and one dress stands out as RIGHT NOW for me.