Monday, 28 February 2011

Goodbye Galliano

Whilst this post is pre the Dior announcement of what will be happening to John Galliano in respect of the meeting with the public prosecutors in Paris, the idea of a farewell is not presumptuous or unfounded.

The moment I watch the unfortunate clip, Galliano became dead in my eyes. It was a worthy Oscar winning performance if the film had required a bitter, washed up, lonely figure at the end of his career or with little or no belief in his self worth. The characterisation and narrative would have shocked and revealed the most insightful point of the demise of a character.

If this were a film then we would be transported to a Parisian apartment or Ibiza villa, 20 years hence where a 70 year old man left to his own devises would be interviewed by a well meaning student or journalist to give an account of his remarks. We would find no remorse, no recognition and still the same views recanted at leisure.

It is a sad fact that with egos and adulation a rather self centred view of ones importance and ones opinions takes over. Let us not confuse this with madness, as madness manifested as depression or psychosis rarely lends to a bitter sweet revelation of the person's mind. Instead madness is a whirlwind of self abuse, fear and paranoia that lashes out to destroy or protect the individual.

There will be many who offer an explanation, will draw comparisons between their own behaviour/addiction/recovery and attempt to find an aspect of humanity we should show compassion for, but for every excuse or proffered explanation the untold damage to others is brushed aside. Whilst I pity Galliano my revulsion is far greater.

Galliano's performance reminded me of Orson Welles and Welles was a devastatingly good actor so much so the performance seemed real. In this case the performance was real and whilst one can look to make excuses, there are no excuses. Forgiveness is one thing, to forget is another.

Dior is now sullied as a fashion house by their creative director's words and actions. It will be goodbye Galliano and unlike Lee McQueen we cannot shed any tears.

Red dress night

All hail this years Oscars red carpet walk as it was truly red. Yes the return of the red dress signals attitude and new directions (whether for good or bad) and Sandra Bullock for one needed and worked the Vera Wang red dress on her red carpet walk. I love a red dress and feel it is rightfully re-established.

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Second wear & show

Last Saturday I wore an outfit that a few of you asked for photos of the jumpsuit front on. Well since I wore the exact same look again this Saturday - different place, different people, why break the mould - I attempted to take some photos. The usual, in the bedroom, a bit of a mess which isn't like me and slightly blurry photos which most definitely is.

Jumpsuit Topshop, tan skinny belt Isabella Oliver, shoes Zara & oversized cardi thing Joseph

Saturday, 26 February 2011

High Street Pick of the Week

Since I've already posted about the merits of a pair of flared jeans in one's wardrobe already, this week's high street pick of the week is a bit of a rehash. But a worthy one.

As I rightly identified the high street is embracing the 70s with love and flare *ahem*.

Reiss is no exception and the aptly named 1971 range yields the obviously named Birkin high waist kick flare for £89. The colour quality and cut is so good Ms Olivia Palermo popped in this week to Reiss's flagship London store for her pair (and no she didn't pay for them, allegedly).

The Birkin comes in the indigo, a wonderful 70s blue and a gorgeous camel coloured version which I'm rather partial to because it says Farah Fawcett Major more than Jane Birkin, get those rollers heating up now and a pristine white shirt!

Friday, 25 February 2011

Psst don't tell Anna

She (Anna) really doesn't like me (Bridget Wintour) wearing tights and if she found out I actually added socks when I wore boots to keep my toes warm I dread to think what would happen.

So don't tell her and don't tell her I haven't been to the dry cleaners yet either, it is hard being a younger sister!

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Saturday night

Last Saturday we had to decamp to Bristol for a friends 40th birthday. Since I've been asked for more 'what I'm wearing' photos in my blog, here is what I wore to a bash in Ham Green Cricket club. It is another mirror in another bedroom and it was really hard to take a photo of my Topshop jumpsuit. It is asymmetrical, so I've taken the side with the sleeve which is ruffled. I added a tan skinny leather belt from Isabella Oliver and my Zara sale shoes. I've not done the best pose possible but I had had 2 glasses of wine prior to going, small ones I hasten to add. Due to our sitting and chatting I had 20 minutes to get ready to do hair, make up and get dressed.

I love a black and white print. It is my favourite combination and it no surprise that I feel utterly in love with this dress from Giles from his recent ready to wear A/W11 collection show. The addition of blush as an understated third element is 'genius' as they say.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Something I threw on...

How I jumped for joy, well as near as anyone can jump for joy at half ten at night under a purple velvet throw, when I watched the weather report after the London & South East news. It is warming up - it is official! On Friday, why it is positively sweltering at 14 degrees Celsius.

Of all the trends that make a small but continuous impact, the crafty, prairie chic, ugh excuse me for typing the next word, hipster look is the one I pass on every time. Yet there is one aspect of this look that I own.

I blame it on watching too many spaghetti westerns or maybe it was because in the 70s my mum put me in them a is of course the poncho.

The poncho is a word not about to fill you with a warm fashionable glow but equally if you move from cape to poncho during warmer months you don't have to give up your style stakes. There is a poncho out there for every occasion and if truth be told you could make your own with a large square piece of material and just make an opening for your head. Don't let an doubts enter for this strike of individuality. There is a style for every preference, sporty, sloaney, live in wet area and for the daring fashionista.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Make do style a la Viv

A bit cheeky but when I watched this yesterday courtesy of Fashion Pearls of Wisdom I felt it was so worth sharing. It is a wonderful example of a big fashion gun advocating make do style.

Monday, 21 February 2011

Maxi, Midi, Mini - chinos

For every one person in the midst of hyperventilating over the New York, London, Milan and Paris fashion weeks for A/W11 there are a 100 out there only focused on what to buy and wear for this spring and summer. Despite the fact the current weather cycle says cold and gloomy, the reality is that nature will turn a switch and suddenly warmer, lighter, brighter weather will be here.

The return of the chino started a couple of years ago with last year being the real re-establishment of its presence in the wardrobe. It is a now a wardrobe piece that morphs with the fads of the season so don't feel foolish if your current chinos look a tad dated.

This season you need to inject colour to your chino. Now that doesn't thankfully mean brights, that is reserved for the capri pant. It does mean think pink..but more a dusky pink or an ecru with a slight pink hue. It also means think tobacco not khaki and even a burnt orange or apricot. If you've got an olive or khaki pair and want to save rather than spend, then wear these with brights particularly white or a wide Prada-esque bright stripe and you'll get away with it.

Saturday, 19 February 2011

London Fashion Week is here

No high street pick of the week since it would clash dreadfully with London Fashion Week. After all fashion week is all about the inspiration and it is of course the shows which now more than ever tend to influence the high street and the way we dress.

Since I breathed a sigh of relief at my momentous decision to follow my heart's desire and write a film script waving adious to the day job of styling, I've really not given a stuff about all things fashion. I never get enthused about fashion weeks mainly because my first job as a fashion assistant involved being a lakey at many a show or being part of the events team. Somehow this has ingrained sense of working at a show within me, and when I attend one it finds me wanting to 'sort something out', I seem incapable of relaxing. Also thanks to the interweb the joy of live streaming or digesting images at ones leisure means less faff on the outfit front and lets me go for a swim instead. I do miss the networking, the gossip due to priceless moments and dreadful 'secrets' one stumbles upon.

So there was I content in the knowledge that I passed on tickets or passed tickets on but promised to go to the Vauxhall Scout Party, thinking about getting ready, trying to motivated myself. I'd decided to drive so no drinking which was a plus as it was really nippy outside and nothing is worse when you live in the south west London area than a cold Waterloo waiting for trains.

I had my outfit ready as per capsule wardrobe challenge and then a quick flurry on twitter and suddenly I was off to the Vivienne Westwood Palladium 'Get a Life' party, as consort to Queen Michelle. Dear Queen Marie, I will be sourcing you very nice tea to make up for usurping your place and being you!

Of course I had to drop off the Scout party invites to a very understanding WaceyStyle and felt very guilty but I really couldn't resist the allure of a party set at the Wallace Collection in Marylebone. Okay I mean Dame Viv...

Then I tried to nip across town with every light and bus against me but pulled up outside Selfrigdes to pick up Queen Michelle, who was shivering and didn't believe me last week when I told her it was cold in London.

Meanwhile a quick rewind, once I knew I was hotfooting it to Dame Viv's bash, I ran across the road to my friend Annabella's to nab one of her many Westwood items. She uses her Westwood shoes in lieu of porcelain! Unfortunately her feet are size 6 and mine are size 4. That's right I abandoned the capsule wardrobe outfit for a Westwood red label dress and jacket. I kept the tights though.

The party was splendid. It was a mix of culture, fashion, hedonism and egos all squeezed in to one. The Wallace collection was delightful to peruse and the interior of the building was magnificent. I was more impressed with the collection of armour and artwork on display than a brief 3 song performance by Jessie J. It actually took all 3 songs for Queen Michelle and I to remember her name. The bar yielded some great mixes and I did sip (only to taste) the Absolut Pear mixed with ginger bee, it was truly yummy. I will be trying at home.

The lighting was lovely within the space

A fringe affair

Jessie J performing in the distance

I did get impossible star struck upon seeing Dame Viv, even though I've bumped in to her on many an occasion even in WholeFoods in Clapham. She just looked wonderful and had a shawl to die for. She also put me to shame as her heels were higher than mine.

Equally splendid in a gorgeous scarlet red Bastyn dress was the lovely Mrs Trefusis and we had a quick chat about the party and its setting before I confessed to tiredness and skipping off. On our way out we had a cloakroom incident. Some person was stood on Queen Michelle's dress, the train bit, which was a gorgeous. I politely said 'excuse me' twice and as I went to say it a third time I got bored so firmly shoved the person off the dress. Queen Michelle was in hysterics as it was Cory Kennedy.

I dropped the royal party off at the 7th ring of hell in Bayswater as was my duty and then headed home. And that folks is the beginning and end of London Fashion Week for me as I head off to Bristol and Bath for the weekend. It was worth it.

images Daily Mail: Jessie J in the wonderful crown created by Vivienne Westwood

Friday, 18 February 2011

Day 5 Capsule Wardrobe

Well today is the last day of the capsule wardrobe challenge and I'm showing you what I will be wearing tonight to the Vauxhall Scout Fashion party. In fact I realised that unbeknownst to Mr Marc Jacobs I'm his secret muse. I've been wearing his A/W11 collection before he's even shown at NYFW. Of course Mr Jacobs and I have been lovers of polka dots for years so perhaps it is no wonder we collided.

Isabella Oliver pencil skirt worn with Zara polka dot top, Untold polka dot tights and the Zara sale shoes.

Here are the tights in better details, it is as if I'm almost straight of the Marc Jacobs catwalk (not!)

I realised my capsule wardrobe this time was really versatile so I quickly did some other combinations of polka dot top and jeans with shoes. The dress with cardigan and the belt. Then the H&M blouse with pencil skirt et al.

It goes to show what is important in your wardrobe is a few key pieces that can be mixed and match as fall back when you utter or even think those immortal words 'I've got nothing to wear!'

What has been your favourite capsule wardrobe combination?

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Day 4 Capsule Wardrobe

I'm getting used to this posing in front of the mirror thing taking a snap with the iphone, although my first attempt were a bit wonky today. I'm mainly looking down in a snooty manner but I cheer up when I put my coat on!

H&M blouse, French Connection jeans, See by Chloe jacket, M&S boots

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Day 3 Capsule Wardrobe

Isabella Oliver grey dress, Topshop necklace, Zara shoes & John Lewis bright blue tights

I never tire of looking down at shoes

The necklace close up, a mix of orange beading & faux gold chain

So day three is under way and I have a little business launch at home tonight of my Arbonne anti ageing products. I will be clicking about in my heels but I did change in to my boots for the school run.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Last night & Day 2 Capsule Wardrobe

Ah Mr MDS and I had such fun last night, so much so petit garcon had to don his Buzz Lightyear dressing gown and join in with 'your valentine meal'. I forgot to take a photo of the wonderful heart shaped environmentally friendly Chinese lantern we let off in to the night.

I know many have concerns about the commercially contrived nature of such a festive occasion but I love any excuse to have a party in the house even if only for two. And in reality as long as you stay at home then the money spent creates a pleasurable experience. I've never forgotten the time Mr MDS and I had been skiing and went out for a Valentine's meal as he'd thoughtfully booked it before we went away. It involved seeing people you'd rather not, many looking quite miserable and whilst you didn't have to do the washing up, it did mean you got subjected to an accordion player, Mr MDS's face was a picture.

Last night I caved in to the usual, a steak. I did lay the table which is my favourite bit.

the arrival of the steak, I made the broccoli and red onion salad

the arrival of the peppercorn sauce (au poivre) for the steak

Loved the Lanson on a school night I was so squiffy

the little plate for the petit garcon who polished off his small portions at the other end of the table whilst chatting away

dessert was homemade almond & orange muffin

I was a softie & bought Mr MDS a cashmere West Ham scarf whilst I'm still earning money

The Tiffany candlestick that were a wedding present

I was rather sluggish this morning after drinking the night before but onwards and upwards with the capsule wardrobe challenge. So today I channelled Bridget Wintour (Anna's naughty hopeless younger sister, of course she doesn't exist anywhere but in my head!). Bridget takes the primness of the dress formula so beloved by La Wintour and makes it more as if Patricia Field had got hold of her.

Bridget felt she really needed braces but made do with the belt. The light grey between boot and skirt is thigh high socks.

The belt is navy and I like how this camera angle makes my waist and hips look smaller, I'm thinking this is the new all out action pose!

Monday, 14 February 2011

Today's Look from Capsule Wardrobe Challenge

This is today's look from my selection of clothes for the 4th Annual Capsule Wardrobe Challenge.
My selected items are in the proceeding post.

I had a meeting in Wimbledon Village this morning so selected to wear jeans, t-shirt and cardigan. It is still pretty cold out even with the sun shining, brrr, wish this long winter would end. I did spy some catkins today so spring can't be far away!!

I back combed a section of my hair to create an 'up do' bit and what you cannot see is that there is a ponytail at the back. I did try to capture this on camera but it was nigh on impossible.