Thursday, 26 March 2009

New Blog

Make Do Style is sadly currently spent due to my MA commitments!

You'll find me posting a few items on my Fashion and Film blog -occasionally!
If you're in need of frugal tips in the meantime then India Knight is your gal with her book!

Sunday, 22 March 2009

A Farewell in three parts - part 3

This is it the final post! Weird for me in lots of ways as I feel as if I'm cutting off a limb - excusing the dramatics it is truly a part of oneself the blogosphere. For the last 18 months all my major decisions have taken place on it. Firstly when I moved back to London in September 2007 after many years absence, the blogosphere was my friend and introduce me to events and people. Seriously I had/have nothing much in common with my immediate neighbours in our suburban setting. Then it propelled me back into writing when I stopped being just a voyeur and began posting. The first post was January 3 2008 and the first ever fellow blogger to comment on my blog was Enc of Observationmode.

For me blogging saved me from the dreaded toddler groups and mothers meetings that I fear. Instead I was amused by Mrs Fashion(sniff,sadly no longer with us), adoring of Style Bubble, in awe of Coco's Tea Party and Mahalo Fashions ability to post such glorious stylistic posts. Then I developed firm favourites as diverse as disneyrollergirl and Sharon-Rose Vintage. I could go on for ever...

I love the fact one can pour forth all manner of stuff and share minuscule details of your life which creates a community of friendship and support. At first the thought of meeting a fellow blogger is synonymous with stalking! Truly you do worry if you've just entered a sad phase of your life where you haven't admitted you are devoid of social skills to enable you to make friends 'naturally'. Despite the fact you have a family and 'real' friends in the first place. Oh how easily that is overcome after your first initiation, and suddenly you are breakfasting, lunching, partying and drunkenly falling out of taxis with your fellow bloggers. I swear The Luxe Chronicles shoved me out of the taxi at my tube stop in her haste to get home!! And what fun you can have in the name of blogging - who can forget my August 08 boyfriend plus ripped jeans experiment

The other aspect of blogging is will power and discipline. I have gained oodles of both by blogging. So much so my New Year resolutions have held to date although I'm seriously wavering on the clothes one. I'm not a vintage gal, I tend to be more of a fashionista blended with my own taste and now my age (note to self: still have to grow up and achieve grown up look). Whilst I've refrained from buying anything new with the exception of my ebay sale purchases I'm drawn to a few updates although mainly to support a big piece of freelance styling work I've got coming up. But I have truly learnt less is more. I have worn my wardrobe more successfully and worked it harder by not buying new things!

But of course the biggest impact on my life is my MA in Fashion and Film. Because of this I need more time to attend to my dissertation/project ...but I don't think I can completely sever my connection (go cold turkey) with the blogosphere so I shall continue posting with Fashion and Film...therefore my new blogging name will be filmupstart to fit with my twitter profile - I know I've succumbed to it! It is goodbye from me as make do style but hello as filmupstart - you need to know this for when I leave comments!
Here is a taste of Fashion and Film with a trailer found for me by a Fashion and Film reader on youtube - here is the link as it won't load on my blog Coco avant Chanel.

Friday, 13 March 2009

A Farewell in three parts - part 2

It is strange announcing a departure but it seems only polite after blogging for so long. And after all it is only farewell to Make Do Style. I will continue to read your blogs and comment of course. I also think I might just post on my Fashion and Film blog but I will think more about this and confirm shortly.

I mentioned in passing that I'm a bit fed up of all the thrift and mend stuff now. This does not mean I don't think it is valid it's just I've been banging on about it for two years and so I'm over it! I'm want to go forward and explore new creative avenues. For example I have two TV scripts to sort out, refine and submit. I have a short film to finish scripting and then make. I've also got a novel I need to write but never seem to find the time to do the research required to make it happen!

My writing is my great love and passion and for years fashion has been my most creative outlet and now I've sort of lost that hwyl as we say in Welsh. I'm more concerned with developing a style for me rather than thinking about stuff for clients both commercial and private. I also think there are plenty of great fashion blogs to inspire and haven't got anything to add or do differently.
The most important thing about fashion is the fact it is a diverse and fantastic industry. I get quite hot under the collar when people try to deride it in any way. Two reasons - one it is a multi billion pound/dollar industry as valid as the next. The issue about fashion is that it is seen as feminine and therefore not valued as much. Hmm we won't go into a major discussion on this as I could write an essay about it ! The other issue is the importance of dress - whether you like it or not impressions are made by the mode of dress you wear - it creates rapport, communities and the adornment of the body is a historical aspect of mankind - we've done it for centuries.
I've just got to figure out my place in the industry or not after my MA.
My favourite thing to do would write lots of freelance articles on film costumes and insight on the fashion and film world - how they interlink etc. One can dream or I could get of my backside and submit a few pitches.

Anyway if it is goodbye from me then it is of course goodbye from him - petit garcon. He'll actually be glad of not having to say cheese on demand. Final part next week!

modelling Stella McCartney for Comic Relief

Sporting the red nose for Comic Relief

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

A Farewell in three parts - part 1

You might have notice my output has tailed off and posts of late have been slightly lack lustre. My main focus has been my MA essays of which one is handed in - yes met the March 9 deadline. One is put to bed ready for the 18th and one to go - also due in on March 18th.
My submitted essay was all about examining the relation of a person to a character on TV - hence the SATC questionnaire and my styling session as Carrie Bradshaw. It was all about performance, female characterisation on film and TV plus costume referencing. I know blah blah blah stuff!! second essay was about Sofia Coppola - I had to choose one celebrity and talk about their influence on film and/or fashion. It was great researching and I have two new fave books Celebrity Chris Rojeck and Celebrity/Culture Ellis Cashmore. Also I have to say March's Harper's Bazaar was the best magazine I've had the pleasure of sleeping with for ages! (Yes I wanted to take it to bed lots). It had an interview with Sofia Coppola so I had a great excuse to purchase. Also I'm really reluctant to take my copy of Glamour by Stephen Gundle back to Central College St Martin's college library. Stephen Gundle is one of my favourite academic writers and I was horrified to find out that LCF rejected him as a lecturer at the college! Still he went on to make a few cool millions with the sales of Glamour!
During my essay writing I sort of realised that I couldn't put the effort into my blog anymore. Firstly I think we are all done with thrift and mending and as much as I tried to stick to make do stuff I feel we've all got the message of less is more in whatever form. And if someone hasn't got a grip on their consumption and bank balance then really I'm tired of this drum....Which also means I need to reclaim my fashion mojo and love of fashion. Studying has made me slightly cynical and having no money has made me stop consuming! Although I do as always have my eye on a dress in Cos....
I need to just be as they say, even though I have work commitments of the styling variety. I need to rise phoenix like from the ashes!! Whilst some might just slip away or abruptly leave one post ...this is me...I'm going for a trilogy! To be continued...

Saturday, 7 March 2009

High Street pick of the week

I'm foolishly sharing this one! Firstly it is a knitted dress, probably one of my favourite concepts and secondly it is stripey, anything stripey is my weakness - I do not know why! Anyway, Reiss have sent me into - I can't believe I can't buy anything - fit of pique!

Reiss Kitt Stripey Fitted Knit Dress with Pocket Detail and Gold Buttons £110.00

Also I do not know why Reiss don't have their Spring/summer collection on line yet but luckily the item is on sale from ASOS and of course in Reiss stores - a birdy from the Reiss shop in Islington says they 'come up big' so go a size down from you normal one.

Friday, 6 March 2009

Win a trip to Paris!

The lovely have a fabulous competition to enter! So although I'm in the midst of my essay despair I've taken a few moments out of Italian neo realism to let you know! If you fancy your luck on a fashion trip to Paris then you have to be in it to win it...

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

More more more....

What's not to like about ASOS. Firstly it is egalitarian, it doesn't matter what you budget is you can find a nifty item and it easy to search on colour, price, brand or style. And now it offers designer brands that aren't as heady in price as some internet shops. ASOS's designer offering was launched on February 20th and is adding new items daily.

Monday, 2 March 2009

Swap Shop is alive and kicking!

Swishing Event at Old Spitalfield's Market , London, E1 6EW

Get a new outfit for free at this fun Swishing event as part of East Festival in London. Fashionistas are hunting down the best pieces at Swishing events all over the country. Who knows what treasures you may find...
12noon - 2pm Clothes drop off:
Bring your clothes, shoes or accessories to the swishing area and drop them off, you will receive a stamp for each item (minimum 1, maximum 5)
2.30pm Browsing time:
Take time to browse the goodies on display - look, but no touching until the Swish begins
3.00pm Swishing officially opens:
There will be a brief introduction to the Swish and it will then be declared open for you to start swishing.
The Rules
· Bring at least 1 good quality item of clothing, shoes or accessories that you no longer wear but would be proud to pass onto a fellow Swisher - no rags please!
· You can bring up to 5 items, you will receive a stamp for each, so feel free to take as many items as you brought along.
· You will have time to browse the rails and look at the fantastic free goodies on display - but remember, you cannot claim these items until the swish is officially open!
· Once declared open, swish to your hearts content! Remember, be kind to your fellow scratching, spitting or biting!
· Have fun!

For more information visit: