Saturday, 25 August 2012

High Street Pick of the Week

Transition. Trans-seasonal. Transit. All of these things are going on.The trouble is most of us feel as if we've been cheated, our S/S12 never really happened and it seems hard to get worked up about the coming fashion season when we've been layering up or down quicker than you can say 'shower'.

Muggy weather makes for muggy style decision but I need to remind you that the coat buying season is upon us! Coats you scream! 'I want to get my legs out and feel the warmth of the sun'. Okay, fine, ignore these wise words at your peril - if you want the coat you really want then sally forth and buy.

I'm utterly torn between a grey oversized number from Cos or the pale pink crombie care of M&S. When it comes to cost, colour and ease of wear on balance the M&S one wins hands down.....race you!

PS There is currently 20% off the coat this weekend!

PPS I am off on my hols and no it is not to sunny climes, rather a return to the homeland so that is wet and windy Wales fyi.

Monday, 20 August 2012

Real Fever Pitch

Folks I lost a week. Last week passed me by as after Olympic fever I had a real fever and although it wasn't scarlet fever I did at one point think I was fading away in the style of Beth from Little Women. I was sure Jo was at my bedside mopping my brow.

I will spare you dear readers the detail but suffice to say I have lost 10lbs in weight and it was not pleasant. A sample is with the path lab to determine if my illness was viral or parasitic. I believe people were complaining about the heat on Saturday but the heat warmed my bones and helped to clear the lingering elements of the illness.

In the midst of all this I awoke from my stupor to the unbelievable spectacle of Assange preaching from a low balcony to a media throng in Knightsbridge. Having escaped the jaws of whatever and being of sound mind and body again, I thought a new fever was upon me such was the ridiculous speech and demeanour of the man or as we like to think of him in this household the rat 'wikileaks' from South Park. If only Lemmiwinks could come along and deal with him. My boiling blood did manage to get me going and I nearly leapt out of bed today as finally, although weakened, I felt normal again. And please I have a whole post brewing on Dame Viv and her involvement!!

Mind you the amount of water I need to drink each day to replenish my body is ridiculous. I actually scared a shopper in the supermarket car park today as I swigged from a bottle of water, standing outside the car and then gaily got in and drove off. I realised when I got home it must have looked like I casually sunk some vodka and then drove off. I only buy (very occasionally) glass bottles of water not plastic ones and from a distance I can see that maybe it was quite vodka bottle like.

As well as a few groceries, I bought a heap of magazines as we are off on holiday to Pembrokeshire next week and the weather in Wales is mainly on the wet side. It is an eclectic mix and I am only missing a copy of Elle to add to the pile, which handily has a free eye pencil too.

I also had to pick up something from Mr MDS in M&S and after a week in bed felt the need for some new items not associated with fever and ruination. I opted for that Carrie Bradshaw look from SATC the HBO series of vest top and boy shorts to be worn with black bra and pearls of course.

lingerie vest tops & shorts from M&S
I was actually grateful to Sky Moives one afternoon last week as I hauled myself onto the sofa, had tons of cushions and a blanket to snuggle under and watched SATC2. It was the easiest viewing ever and my only moment of elation was when Wendy Brandes earrings made their appearance.
Shortly I will be rebooted sufficiently to get to grips with the forth coming season and pick out some winners for your budgets.

Monday, 13 August 2012

The End

Over, finished, done. The London 2012 Olympics can be summed up by 'it's been emotional'. Never as a nation have we been more engaged and moved to weeping on mass. With the exception of a few, who were not enthralled by 16 days of Olympic fever (and each to their own) we have benefited by the endeavours of athletes the world over. One of my favourite tweets was yesterday when I man I do not know Simon Rickets tweeted 'I'm cheering this Ugandan marathon runner like he is my son. I'm officially Olympics bonkers. Go ON.'

There was so much to blog about but instead I just got on with being a spectator. There are so many moments to pick but mainly the memories and feel good factor of being here, of having the Olympics on your doorstep is hard to put into concise words.


Incredible x 2

I even watched all of the closing ceremony which was totally naff but it had to be done. The 'fashion' moment had to be the worst thing ever. Naomi, Kate,Lily, Stella at all in lorries with billboards of fashion adverts which were ripped off revealing...wait for it... a model in an outfit. And....the names of the businesses were read out like the announcement of the countries the athletes were from. It was utter dross and after a couple of weeks of sporting endeavour it seemed the most shallow, narcissistic, pointless moment of the evening. Yes fashion is a big industry, yes I love fashion, yes of course we should promote it but that and at an Olympic closing ceremony. Pointless and sad. Lucinda Chambers styled the girls gold dresses.. but for what end? I don't know what the answer is to mindless glorification of materialism. Yes we have talented designers, yes fashion is an expression of the individual, society and I wouldn't be without it but how can we contextualise it better in such events. I suppose it is hard to get it right and I have no idea what the brief was or the budget but I'm guessing Naomi wasn't free.

London Catwalk

In conclusion, the women of the games, of London 2012 were the best. They were amazing from all nations and all nations sent women for the first time ever. I prefer Sanya Richards-Ross's fashion moment to anything contrived as representative. I want Jess Ennis's abs, I want Katherine Grainger's belief and the attitude of Jade Jones.

Let's hope that the images and words of united endeavours forges a new path for humanity represented by this photo taken by Brad Haverley at the wrestling medals ceremony...

...and the best joke on twitter 'A red haired man, a mixed race woman and a Somalian refugee went into a bar...everyone bought them a drink.'

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Olympic fever continues

I do feel I am in danger of spontaneous combustion. My addiction to the Olympics is all consuming. If I'm not at an event, I either watching tv or viewing on iPad or constantly on twitter or BBCi site for latest information.

There is no specific event that I haven't watched or read about or talked about. The fact I had to file some copy earlier this week was an up hill chore. I'd always thought having an Olympic event on the doorstep would be good but I didn't it would be AWESOME. That is not a word I have ever drawn upon except in irony and now I know of no other modern day word to encompass all my mix of emotions.

The trip to see the water polo at the Olympic Park was all it promised to be. Everything was just fabulous. The only downside was the sight of the two McDonalds, just plain wrong and the queues, I was gob smacked and luckily the petit garcon was immune to it. We were right proper British and popped into M&S at Waterloo and got our provision for lunch from there as well as a few additional things I'd prepared at home. The fact I'd paid for the tickets a year ago and we had travel tickets with our Olympic tickets - it really was a cheap day out.

 We are here moment!!
 A reluctant poser

 The wild flowers were lovely
 The water polo hat, this belonged to a Hungarian player before he discarded it poolside as the strap broke.
It was the fashion accessory of choice for the water polo fans to wear old caps!
 The enthusiastic supporter of the Hungary water polo team.
The dedicated water polo arena.

 Dressing gowns at the ready!

 Hungarian and US team huddles prior to swim off at start of match.

 It does remain one of my favourite sports. I would happily coach or support a team every week so I am so glad I got to see it at the Olympics.

This was our view a lot! Every time Hungary scored. It was great to be part of it and join in with all the support.

The petit garcon used to the great outdoor space along the canal to do running, vaulting and turns, his own mini Olympics.

 And finally I had to go and glimpse the rings at Tower Bridge as part of my fix!

Friday, 3 August 2012

The Olympics keep on giving

It has taken over my life, well not just mine, lots of people in fact. Suddenly the telly on all day no longer means you might be sneaking a quick viewing of Cash in the Attic. In fact not watching day time tv suggests you might be an Olympic downer.

On Tuesday the petit garcon and I hopped on the District Line to Earls Court to view the volleyball. People I have never known London so calm, organised, clean and communicative. Yes there are a few issues namely empty seats but they are in the main in the £450 price bracket areas or a few £20 ones which you can imagine a few people decided after months of rain to jump ship and head for warmer climes not realising that Olympic fever is gripping.

Anticipating the fashion for wearing the branded kit, I fought the growing crowds in the Kingston John Lewis and snagged a couple of hoodies and a top. I'm glad I did as wearing Olympic garments was the order of the day. I do wish I'd taken a snap of the red Moscow 2000 t-shirt a guy was proudly wearing with his white jacket and jeans combo.

All in all our Earls Court venture was fun and we happily supported Italy to a win in the volleyball in lieu of team GB action.

 Cool as a cucumber on the tube
 The high five season continued en route to veneu
 Cafe stop
 Moi in my team GB top as captured by the petit garcon
 Petit garcon was very happy to see the soldiers
 I can't imagine what it is like to be 6 years old and in the midst of the Olympics, I felt this image captured it in someway

 Free face painting while we waited for the match

 Couldn't resist the opportunity for Olympic torch action

 Italy v Argentina (Italy in the white)


Even my nails were suitably painted - all in Chanel I'd like to add, Pirate, White Satin and Denim