Friday, 19 April 2013

Pick of the Week

One thing will remain for a while on this blog and that is pick of the week. I was bombarded by people (mainly friends and acquaintances on Facebook & Twitter) who it seems rely on these little picks of mine. So I promised to keep them going.

Meanwhile Twisted Skirt is live and I will be posting on there soon. Clients first, my work second, is the pecking order.

And lo! The sun it appears and then goes away but guess what it really really wants to play now. Which means it really is time to thing SUMMER. This week I am going to stretch your purse strings by £12.50. Yes £12.50 to inject a bit of colour and zing.

It is quite simply the M&S fluro tee.

It comes in 4 colours - yellow, orange, pink and green. The reality is the t-shirt is much brighter than the image but that doesn't mean over powering. I've gone for pink but I put a client in yellow the other day. They are all delightful sorbets in my book.


  1. Saw these the other week and they are fab x

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