Thursday, 31 January 2013

Girlynomics is Published

At last after a long haul the final version is available to purchase from Amazon. Initially only available on Kindle, a hold in your hand option paperback book will follow.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

A is for Apple

F is for Fashion and S is for Style. Never confuse the two. They are no mutually exclusive. Sometimes style begets fashion and undoubtedly fashion tastes shifts style. And then there is the key ingredient your body shape. In truth your body shape, you're legs plus your height all should be factored in when you make that purchase.

When it comes to personal style the apple shape often worries the most due to the fact the lack of a defined waist appears to constrain choice. And to some extent this is true but if you think logically you have two options either to create a waist or emphasis your other assets. Most of us always choose to accentuate our assets.

It doesn't really matter what you choose to do but how do you do it? If you feel you are top heavy with a large bust and no waist then dresses that divert attention away might appeal. A tunic style dress is the default option but do look for styles and details that are simple but have a sense of detail and proportion that doesn't scream 'tunic' - like this one from Beauty & the Boutique.

Then the other option is to create a waist and a peplum top or dress is a surprising current fashion asset for doing this. The key to making this shape shifter work is to get the proportions correct. Make sure the peplum is positioned where your natural waist is. The ideal is to get the peplum to disguise your stomach and create volume to the side giving the appearance of a waist and hips.

Lace peplum top £12 from George at Asda

If you are an apple shape share your top tips on how you dress for your shape, the rules that work or the rules you break.

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Thermal tights a must!

Fact, it is very cold and frosty outside. Fact if you have to travel on South West trains into Waterloo anywhere between Dorking and Waterloo, think Epsom, Wimbledon, Clapham Junction and you'll know they are clonky old trains which of a morn are freezing. Biting cold in fact especially when the doors open.

I'm sure wherever you are there is a need for thermal tights at the moment and do tell me your worst cold travel issues, we can all bond over it. Luckily, despite persisting with their Per Una range, M&S have brilliant thermal tights which look like opaques but have a secret layer of ...wait for it... cosy fleece on the inside.

Toasty toes is all I have to say.

M&S 140 Denier Thermal Fleece Opaque Tights £9.50 product code T60 2193 available in store or online

Monday, 7 January 2013

New Beginnings

This really is the last year of Make Do Style. Yes after 6 years of blogging on this blog it is time to call it quits very soon. Some of you may have already observed my new twitter handle Twisted Skirt, well that is the new name of my company Twisted Skirt Publishing. A new blog will be up and running soon - don't worry it is me - there will be no fancy pants stuff (yet).

Then there is the book launch on Kindle of Girlynomics taking place this month. 2013 really is the year of new beginnings!

Talking of new beginnings Make Do Style makes a few predictions for the coming year both style related and general ones.

1. This is the year for embracing Sports Luxe. Adidas, metallics, and block colours makes combining tracksuit pants with heels the easy option. Don't say double denim do say Adidas Originals. Dig out your Run DMC.

image: London College of Fashion Framed exhibition

2. Holidaying in Greece. After months of misery in 2012 with epic rainfall, book early to avoid another disappointing summer weather wise. Greece is the place to give you guaranteed sunshine, heat and warm waters. Go to Greece to get lashings of vitamin D and Lays Oregano crisps.

3. Mars probing is the new science hotspot, even India is sending one to Mars this year. Also make the most of  the Hadron Collider at Sern as they collide protons with lead ions in February before closing it down for essential maintenance work in 2013. 

4. Flat and frumpy is the new footwear. See Katie Grand for Hogan and Celine. Don't think Birkenstock do think rubber sole

5. 'Tis the year to stop being superstitious. It is 2013! Enjoy