Friday, 4 July 2008

Be prepared for trend bombardment

It's the time of year when catwalk reports will abound and some of us will be drawn into the world of trend bombardment. Resistance is futile or is it!

I've done my homework, checked my funds and sorted my wardrobe (I have a cute Chanel resort bag to list on ebay but isn't happening, I'll spare you the ebay rant). I viewed and appraised the catwalk collections and all the wonderful blogs.

Two things spring to mind immediately. I lack some colour for my winter wardrobe. It truly is a sea of grey and black, plus two green items! Dior, has persuaded me that I am in need of purple and red.

D&G have resurrected the headscarf to great effect but I've always worn them and thankfully my preferred option of tied round head is looking a goer this season without looking like I'm going out for a grouse shoot. I'm passing on tartan and plaid - sorry it never features in my life except for discreet blue watch neck scarf (for grouse shoots - joking) which has now been borrowed by my 2 year old. It looks more fetching on a little boy when wearing pea coat.

From Balenciaga to Prada the nod to all women to embrace a blouse is something I can't resist and am whole heatedly embracing - can't wait! Vuitton have made much use of costume jewellery and in the absence of any real direction and the wonderful array of jewellery worn by Mary Portas (Mary, queen of Shops) this is a winning choice.

The rest well, lace not sure yet and winter white in London on the tube - forget it!

There is one clear trend that I'm happy to be bombarded with - flat shoes.
images:, kurt geiger


  1. Yes I feel the same way about colour....I am slowly wearing more colour in general...I used to be always in black...
    I have a red topshop gorgeous coat that's a few years old, that I've only worn once - so I'm looking forward to getting that out. (I live in Mallorca btw, so I don't have that many days to wear a winter coat - and it's sometimes a shame because I love winter coats... and you can look smart even if you put them over something really sruffy!)

    I love lace and look forward to wearing it this A/winter.

    AND you know how I feel about flat shoes!

    Have a good weekend!

  2. I'm getting ready for all the ice cream colours that we'll be in for...

  3. Ah funny you should mention ice cream colours H&M have got a pistachio/choc ice cream scarf in right now which looks like you could eat it! Must be their pre A/W collection

  4. Hi kate!! Well, I think I'll be steering clear of tartan-unless I find a vintage d&g or Viv westwood of course! I'm on the lace trend and I've found a lovely top thrifted which I will be posting about soon-a Prada inspiration!!

  5. I usually stick to neutrals in my clothes. It's utterly boring.

    Maybe you and I can mount a campaign to wear purple and red jumpers all winter long.

    And I've been on that flat shoe bandwagon for years.

  6. i'm hoping this coming season will be more glam than previous. The blouses and necklaces should help.

  7. My 90 year old Gran actually gave me some vintage scarves which are very D&G. Pretty good freebie I would say!

  8. I couldn't bear to do tartan but you are right about jewellery. Get that right and most items can be updated, although I think some leggings as in Elle magazine would really be worth buying.

  9. I am so psyched about all this bright color for fall! And I know what you mean about ebay - apparently they just had the pants sued off them so they are curtailing designer listings :(

  10. I usually wear black and white but love a splash of color: shoes, bag, any accessory!

  11. I'm also glad flat shoes are still around since i'm not good in heels!

  12. That purple is a gorgeous shade.


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