Thursday, 24 July 2008

Je suis de retour!

My grandes vacances was in France. We crossed on the ferry, and stopped off for our usual morning coffee at Le Mont St Michel

Then it was onwards to the Loire-Atlantique to stay overnight at Chateau de Cop-Choux
After a proper repos it was onwards to our destination Ile D'Oleron. The island is a favourite holiday destination for the French, lots of holiday homes there and it is the second largest French island after Corsica.
It is famous for its oysters (huîtres) an mussels (moules). I spend a lovely time collecting oyster shells from the beach and in true make do style found the perfect flat pebble to use as a soap dish.
The oyster shells make great candles but I need to learn how to add wax and wicks first! I discoverd this neat idea in the Conran shop years ago, they were retailing them for £12 then!
Two young Belgian girls showed me how to make holes in them with a pen knife and then you can thread them for chimes or anything. Such simple matters are enormously pleasing.
The petit garçon adored the beautiful beaches and ran wild with much throwing himself in the sand. Our beach had views to Fort Boyard and across to La Rochelle and Ile de Re
On one day we cycled from the beach in the morning to the fishing village of La Cotiniere, another the daily market of St Pierre
Mostly, I read books, bought French Vogue and Elle, a few interior magazines and Gala. My favourite read of the hols was The Beautifal Fall by Alicia Drake, I had saved my copy for 9 months to read in France! It was worth it.
The trip homeward took in Orleans, an overnight stay in the delightful Les Charmettes however Madam had forgotten of our stay and left poor Monsieur to deal with the unexpected guests. The poor man's face and words said it all -
"mais, Nicole qu'elle n'est pas ici elle était allé à Brittany!"
His wife was having a holiday of her own in Brittany. I took charge after realising he'd never been faced with such a problem. After my shop for dinner he sighed "elle a oublié" (she forgot).
The next morning a friend of his wife popped round and they hurridly went into the kitchen to gossip. I found it all very amusing and charming. The house was beautifully decorated and filled me with ideas which is always a plus.
More driving and a late lunch at Le Touquet-Paris-Plague before Euro Tunnel and home.


  1. Wow kate, this sounds so fabulous!!! It must be lovely to see all these places in France-I'm soo pleased you had a great time and you obviously got a lot of inspiration from your holiday too-yay!!

  2. Great pictures. Also i only just got a chance to look at the posts below. Great idea!

  3. I love pretty and such amazing food too!

  4. Welcome back! Glad you had a relaxing vacation, it sounds fantastic. Jx

  5. Ah what a lovely time. You handled that 'the wife forgot' debacle very well, if it was me I'd have burst into tears!

  6. What a delightful account! I loved every second of it.

    Your little guy is so cute—what I can see of him; he's a small as a grain of sand!

    (I was quite pleased that I could understand all your French!)

    Welcome home!

  7. Wonderful! And the beach looked so nice and quiet.

  8. It all looks beautiful, I can't wait to go on my trip!


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