Monday, 15 August 2011

High Street Pick of the Week

True it isn't Saturday, the usual place for this regular post...but as I'm on school holiday mode all rules/bets are out of the window/off.

Anyway who am I to deny you the immediacy of a great high street buy for your sartorial wardrobe. A winner right now for the evening (isn't it chilly of an eve) and a keeper for the coming winter months. It is an all round winner. Wear with red skinny jeans now and then your soon to be bought pencil skirt. Grab it while you can!

Limited Collection Star Blouse T69 3010 £29.50 in stores now.


  1. Limited Collection do some ace stuff. x
    PS I've got three more Jo Nesbo's to send you.

  2. Oh that's fab! I really like Limited Collection stuff, esp the shoes.

  3. stars! back in again for next season - where the hell did my Jaeger star blouse disappear too?

  4. OOh I adore things with stars on. This might have to me an autumn wardrobe investment!

  5. I nearly bought this the other day, may have to go back and try it on.

    Caz x

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