Monday, 9 January 2012

The eBay marathon

Five days into my blitz on my wardrobe and now my listings and I'm only halfway through it. Listing on eBay is hard work and takes a lot of time and effort. The hard part is inputting information and once upon a time I was exceedingly particular about all the clothing measurements but now I stick to the required minimum.

When writing the descriptions and how to wear the items I sort of think why am I selling this and then snap myself back into reality. I have plenty in my wardrobe to wear and I have a target for this year to pay off my credit card. All the items are in good condition and some of them are in the list as they are a little too big for me.As hard as it is I feel motivated and on course to clear the debt. Ironically I was returning a Christmas gift in Cath Kidston on Friday which isn't my favourite occupation nor my favourite shop (although I do love a bit of Cath Kidston at times) and the lovely lady who served me was at LCF and did her MA at the same time. It was a great reminder to me of achievement. I went there with nothing bar my deposit and took out a career development loan (CDL) via the Dept of Higher Education which I luckily got in 2008 as the banks collapsed because I choose to apply to the Co-operative bank. This month 2 years later I finished paying off the £2,800 they lent me to further my mind. The repayment was a manageable £124.22 per month due to the low interest rate for a CDL

Now I must tackle the credit card that paid my fares and bought my books and paid for all the sundries around my studies. I worked as well as studied but it was a big drop in income and now the petit garcon has started school plus the current climate I've never gone back to the level of earnings pre studying. It does make me appreciate that I wasn't saddled with a bigger student debt and whilst my studies were completely wonderful it does call for a lot of self sacrifice ...hence unto eBay!!

You can view the list at my ebay page And here is a selection of the items for sale (weeps, less and less now)

From top to bottom: Whistles Carrie midi skirt, Warehouse blouse, M&S dress, H&M Conscious Collection skirt, Toast shoes, Jigsaw bib necklace, Toast necklace & M&S bag


  1. I hope your ebay bids exceed your greatest expectations! Bloody credit cards, so much fun when using them, so much pain and hard work when clearing them - I know!! lol!

  2. All such lovely things! Wish the shoes were my size - I've always liked that style which is rare to find for some reason.
    I've only got the one credit card from since I first started working and no stores cards or anything like that and I'm so grateful now that we're in recession again, for the long haul I keep reading.

  3. couturecoco - gosh yes I've only got the one card and that is it hence why I need to clear it all. I agree baton down the hatches!!

  4. Wishing you loads of luck with the eBay sales. I'm so glad I was never tempted to take out a credit card or store card, they are far to easy to use. xxx

  5. Good luck with your ebay sales- some lovely things on there. I always think I WILL sell on EBay but never get round to it!

  6. I really love the Consious Collection skirt. Too bad it isn't in my size. You have reminded me though that I have loads of clothes and baby stuff that I need to list. I just keep putting it off.

  7. If I were choosing an item for myself, I'd choose—and this is only hypothetical, because I'm on a clothes-buying moratorium—I'd take those Toast shoes.


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