Saturday, 7 January 2012

High St Pick of the Week

It is that time of year when every purchase is a forward thinking option. It might be blustery outside but in your heart Spring is around the corner. If hope springs eternal then so must your shopping. You might be wearing thermals or heat tech garments underneath but your top layer will be more directional and bring some cheer.

I survived the magazine onslaught of S/S12 with merely a minimal wish list of a Valentino dress, a Dolce & Gabanna dress, a Louis Vuitton skirt and some Chanel sandals (sighs). Fundamentally this translates to a pale blue dress or two, a white skirt and flat black or silver sandals. When I spied this jumper in Whistles - okay I'll admit I was on a indoors washing drier dash to John Lewis after mine finally collapsed. I actually upgraded to one that could take two loads of washing. We might look like a Martian has landed in the kitchen but the joy I felt upon finding the dry well aired loads done this morning was immeasurable. I saw the Whistles jumper in a concession area on my way out and gave it the nod.

The apricot hue will work a treat as a contrast to the forthcoming pale blues and with white. Immediately you can wear it with skinny jeans or over a black dress showing your fashion forward credentials to all.

The Make Do Baramoter test

Do you love it?
Have you got something similar?
Do you need it?
Quality v Quantity
Unit cost per wear excellence mark - minimum of twice a week for 20 weeks = £2.75


  1. Hi there-thats a lovely colour for the new season! Good luck with the ebay purge too xx

  2. It's v. cute. I wouldn't wear that color myself, but I like it for someone else.

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