Thursday, 1 January 2009

New Year's Resolutions

This post is not for the faint hearted nor those who think stuff about oneself is over indulgence. I've decided on a full and comprehensive overhaul for 09 so, in lieu of this quite full resolutions are required and are detailed below.

My first one is due to circumstances but will require a steely strength which I don't know if I possess. Not one single clothes purchase for a year! This does exclude knickers because mine are on their last legs already but I'm going to keep 'em going for as long as possible. This is such a toughie because I do have magpie tendencies, look I even accepted socks because they were new! However, my MA is so important and all my funds, what little I have, have to go towards the completion of it. This includes shoes too - yeah gods I'm going to be weeping I can tell. It does feel like the hardest thing I will ever embark on. I can make alterations and dye items of course but I won't even be able to imitate Skye or Sharon Rose - crikey! Agh I just realised this means no sunnies as well, every year I get new sunnies and this year I had my eye on these beauties.

Lose 13 pounds. Okay this sounds drastic but Mr MDS had a routine medical at work and he was told to lose 4lbs. The doctor did the BMI electric current thing to him and height stuff. I multiplied the advice by 3 for me and added one for luck. Truth be told 7lbs has crept on since I stopped my running which consisted of at least 10 miles a week. The other 6 are due to Barbados and Christmas - on average most people accumulate 5lbs over Christmas, in part due to need but mainly due to greed! There is hope that losing 13 pounds will also make my wardrobe work harder for me. I'm sure the leaner I get the better fitting and more shape options I'll have.

This leads me on to my third resolution Observing Lent I figure the festival and feast approach to life is quite useful when balanced by abstinence and Lent fits into the nature lifespan of famine and feast. It is fundamentally quite strict and includes no dairy, meat and giving up something, so that will be alcohol for me! The giving something up bit is so you can give money to the poor. Anyway I will investigate this further and try to administer some Mount Athos frugalism which will help shift the pounds. This coupled with some increase in exercise should deliver the honed healthy body by Easter time. As you can tell I need to do some proper research on this matter not rely on 40 days and 40 nights stories for kids.

Be nicer to Mr MDS. Now this sounds like I'm an old witch but I was reading Style magazine on Sunday and Sally Brompton wrote an interesting piece in a section called how to be a good wife. Yes I know it does sound one sided and probably is but Sally's bit was quite open and honest. She hit a chord with her 'We are in this together - that's my first rule of marriage. The second is to concentrate on friendship and be grateful for small kindnesses rather than overblown romantic gestures. I was recently given a great piece of marriage guidance: "Always treat your husband as you would your closet friend." When my closet friend is in the house I do not criticise her way of stacking the dishwasher. I never look askance if she has another glass of wine. I do not try to change her. Because I love her, I allow her be the person she magnificently is.' Hmm well classically the dishwasher scenario applies to me. So, whilst I'll never be the perfect person I think striving towards a kinder person to live with as a wife wouldn't go amiss!

Image: Skylark and Son

Tend to the house. No don't worry I'm not going all pinafored up and mad for dusting! We've lived in our house for over a year and apart from painting our bedroom and hanging a few pictures we've done zilch to tend to our home. I'd like to imprint some taste and style, so weekends will be turned over to interior design. I picked up a number of interior magazines in France in the summer so at last I'm going to put them to use.

Make a film. I just thought I'd throw this one in to see if you are still with me! This is my most ambitious one! Yet the most important ....hard work, charm and endeavour is the order of the day to achieve this one and I suspect I'll have to give up my part time styling work to achieve this. I don't want to think about the effort it will require.

No swearing. I'm a terror for the F word. Seriously I had a discussion with my dad about it as we both think it has become common usage in the way damn was. He does it too! I'm adopting crikey after seeing Australia
I think losing the swearing would be a good look and save the petit garcon from a dreadful habit.

Watch this space on the resolutions - I will fess up if I break(!) and how about yours????


  1. No fucking F word all year?!?!?

    You're a better woman than I, that much is obvious. xo

  2. Hi there-wow, a great set of goals to achieve, all the very best! I look forward to hearing more about the film too, sounds a really good goal! happy new year and best of luck! Sort out your wardrobe too, I bet you have some things lurking that you've forgotten about and can really put into action!

  3. Very good resolving, I wish you beaucoup luck with keeping to all of them, and finding new and interesting ways of doing it. I have to put a veto on "crikey" though, not sure I've ever heard anyone except Steve Irwin say that in my entire life!

    I resolve to try and have another baby this year - have already been in to my husband and put the wind up him about this little topic...

  4. Oooh, I'm so looking forward to seeing your film!!!!

  5. Great goals. I think I'm going to let go of the F word too. I also like the idea of being nicer to your husband. That one hit a chord with me....I wonder how my boyfriend puts up with me at all.

  6. 13 pounds! That's reasonable and attainable. 1 pound a month!!! I don't think I can pull off the no swearing part, but hope you can!!! Happy New Year!

  7. Good luck with your resolutions. It would be very interesting to read how you get on with your new clothes ban - do keep us posted! I'm going to do a three month ban (not as brave as you!!) :)

  8. My resolutions are V. similar. Except more than 13 pounds. Being nicer to the Mr. is always a good idea!

  9. Great resolutions, but don't be too hard on you...., give some flexibility.


  10. Happy New Year to youuu! Pleased to see the 'old' make do style photo again! So chic!!!!!

  11. If my best friend moved into my house, I'm sure I'd have a few things to say about her behavior! I find the dishwasher example rather silly, though well-intentioned. Of course, it's always good to be kind to your family, I agree with that.

    So really, you can't even buy things that$1?

  12. Crikey love, that's one helluva resolution list. I'm impressed and just a teeny bit scared.

    I'll be on the sidelines (jogging on one spot) cheering you on. xx

  13. This is hardcore. But I'm intrigued and excited to see how you manage it - as I'm sure you will!

  14. Sister Wolf - I know its a spoiler so far so good but so lame!

    Sharon Rose - you are right I've got lots of things some better than others but work them all I will.

    Skye - I've got some moves if you need any tips!!

    Stylist Stuff - I'm looking forward to seeing my film too! It will be a short obviously not a feature length one..

    Piper Madison - I just want to break some patterns thats all, I hope!

    Fashion Addict - i'm thinking more a pound a week to get the spare tyre off!

    Anon - yes the clothes thing more of a reality than a ban. I'd never ban myself from clothes but good luck with 3 months!

    Tessa-scoffs - yes being nicer all round would be good!

    The Seeker - awh you are so lovely. I'm all for hardship but might ask you about flexibility!

    Madelinemiranda - I know I love my girls they had to come back!

    WendyB - they don't need to have moved in for me to have views on the dishwasher! It is a trite exampel but a simple one at that. I'd be interfering on anything with anyone but I do think I'm quicker to snap at Mr MDS.
    Nope not even a $1 or £1 - criminal!

    Topbird - yep cheerleading welcome!!

    K.Line - love the use of word intrigued so much better than amused by your madness!

  15. Seriously? No shopping all year? Are you kidding? I could NEVER do that. Yesterday I tested myself to see if I could not eat chocolate a whole day and that was a challenge enough. Good luck! x x x

  16. Lol crikey is a good replacement. I think it'll put a smile on everyone's face to hear it! Good start!

    happy 2009!

  17. You are glorious. Ambitious as hell, too. But I have faith in you, Kate! And tremendous admiration for all of your worthy goals.

  18. Kudos on the clothing ban! I can't wait to hear how it goes.

    Also: I'm am totally with you on treating the gentleman like a BFF. Imagine how much more fun we'd all have?!

  19. wow!
    ur last year was whoa!

  20. darling the no shopping ban can be hard but is acheivable! i did some time back my sweet and i set up things like clothing swap nights or you even do online here with the blog community so at least you can get occasional new interest in your wardrobe.
    darling let us know how you get on!wishing you all the best of year.
    this year by grace i resolve to live life more passionately!


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