Thursday, 21 February 2013

Freedom from Fashion Weeks

Tis a terrible thing to say but at last I feel free from the endless succession of parades that is fashion week. Fashion week of New York, London, Milan and Paris. Don't get me wrong I won't stop loving the new seasons, I won't stop coveting the new collections but I'm no longer a player merely a bystander and it is so much more relaxing.

Firstly I lose any need to go to certain shows or feel a glimmer of envy when someone else gets invited but I don't. After all the lack of invites means endless press rounds later to really get to grips with the collections that are going into store. I still will have to do a few press rounds for a few retailers for my magazine writing but that is it. I go because it is really useful and I like doing it.

Secondly my wardrobe needs never fear not having current items. If I want them then I can but if not there is no obligation to be 'current' 'on trend' or wearing something the right way. Freedom.

Now I am merely a bystander I can glance because right now my life is full of writing, publishing matters and getting to grips with the publishing industry and how the trade functions...which might mean I need a new look.....

My book Girlynomics is available to download onto Kindle from Amazon and this is its first review.

image: Topshop Unique at London Fashion Week

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