Monday, 23 May 2011

Mary, Mary quite contrary ...

Nope nothing to do with all hail Mary Portas. Which is a shame as she is always a jolly addition to our TV screens. This is all about growing, gardening and personal stuff.

The personal stuff is almost resolved but not for broadcasting yet. My two outstanding matters are a) finishing film script (on course, going well), & b) what to call the blog. I feel like moving on from the ethos of Make Do Style. I need a new challenge, editorial shift. So far I'm floundering. I still want to be fashion related but less about stuff more about interrogation, you know examining things in detail. Nothing is firmed up. Suggestions in comment box welcomed.

Lifestyle wise we have no car. In fact we've been car less for over 10 days. I have to walk and cycle everywhere except when I take train & tube. This takes up tons of time. Why the school run is 30- 40 mins each way. I do this twice a day most days. The good news is the amount of money we are saving, easily £40 a week in petrol, plus all the rest of the expenditure. Of course this cannot continue but it won't hurt for another week. I've been informed it might take 16 weeks for delivery but Mr MDS's work will loan us a pool car before then (phew).

The petit garcon is scooting or cycling and doing very well.

He is also doing well on his gardening front, he has had the pleasure of 3 of his own strawberries already. The herb bag growing isn't doing so well so we might transfer the sprouting bits to the beds.

My strawberry plant which weathered the snow and frost is yielding 40+ fruit. I've got peas, tomatoes, rocket, artichokes, runner and broad beans on the go. The chillies look like they are growing too and there are gooseberries, raspberries and loganberries flowering and sprouting. The rhubarb is still going strong.

Whilst tending the garden last week I spotted a few bees making the most of the flowers. I lost ages watching them. There was such a baby one too. I need to put more ornamental plants and flowers in the garden. It lacks colour and prettiness.

Add ImageBecause I'm knee deep in sorting my future out and writing my script I can only apologise for failing to comment on your wonderful blogs. I will be sorted soon....


  1. Oh pretty! Love the strawberry too, very delicious looking.

    I can't bear to be without car: sometimes I go all idealistic and leave it for a few days, but I soon scuttle guiltily back. Especially on rainy days!!

  2. Hi my dear-the gardening seems to very successful, well done to you both!

  3. The Petit Garcon is such a cutie!
    We've got bees galore but the initial crop of strawberries we were so optimistic about have stayed green due to how cold it's been up here.
    I'm so impressed with the cycling, I walk everywhere and am scared of getting my bike out as there's so many boy racers around here. xxx

  4. Some of the nicest, most stylish small shops sell a mix of clothes, food, etc. Sure this would work for the blog. Style doesn't just have to be about clothes, nor does the "make do" concept.

  5. Don't worry I've been the same with Blog commenting, struggling to keep up but work has been busy so I can't have everything!

  6. The Snowman's yours as soon as i've finished it! I'm always up for a book swap, no matter how dog-eared. xxx

  7. Kate you're a positive domestic goddess! I've just been bought a mini strawberry planting kit and I'm hoping it's not too late to get it started. I'll whack it on a sunny windowsill and see what happens.

    My thoughts on the blog title are that you should keep it as it is. It's not that prescriptive a title - it can be what you want it to be.

  8. Hmm 'Interrogation Fashion' has a nice ring to it!
    Could Petit Garcon be any cuter awwww. I would like to grow things but it would have to all be in hanging baskets as the dogs like to dig everything x

  9. 40 minutes EACH way!! There had better be a medal for motherhood or something similar in this for you.
    Okay, new blog title;
    Wisdom in Style
    Style Outlook
    Theories & Thoughts of Fashion
    A Stylish Approach
    The Style Method

    I could go on all day but for your sake I won't!
    Have a great day.

  10. Oh it will be sad to see Make Do Style go. Are you just re-naming the blog or setting up a brand new one?

  11. The pleasure is in the reading. I love Bees too xx

  12. Could the petit garcon look any more like you!?

    As you know, I like a bit of feist with my fashion, so I say go for it...

  13. Don't change the title - it is a very good one and "Style" is your second name, so the title will always match :)

  14. I love the 1950s sound of Make Do. But maybe redirecting things is good. My favorite posts are the ones in which you talk about your research (like the one on Audrey Hepburn) and general cultural phenomena to do with women ( like the one about the snotty teenage girls and the other one about the beautiful old lady on th bus). I also enjoy your rants (like the one about the Telegraph and the scrap you into the liberty London girl- what a scandal!).
    I like the Fashion Interrogation title. I also like manual-ish sounding titles. How about The Uses of Fashion?

  15. Your garden looks fantastic. The petit garcon is, as always, super cute and obviously an excellent cyclist.


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