Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Sales & Style

The only bonus of all this dire weather is the opportunity to stock up on basics. Sale shopping should only be undertaken on this basis. I'm in the mood for a summer items that scream longevity. Not one of my recent purchases shout trend or fashion, not even my Topshop Unique yellow trousers. They are yellow and very bright but I can see myself still entertaining the thought of wearing them in my 70s.

I have avoided printed jeans and trousers, anything floral and turned my back on peplum. I only indulged in one top from Zara but I wore it the other day and it felt wrong all of a sudden.

My purchases have been based on 3 thought processes. One could I look like Annie Hall in New York (without the tie), two could I look like an extra from Mad Men on the Amlafi coast and three my new favourite look which I call Paris/Scandi chic. The ability to mix all three is quite easy and ensures a good mix of outfits.

image: Diane Keaton & Woody Allan in 'Annie Hall'

image: Vogue 2005 shoot Gemma W & Josh Harnett

image: Karlie Kloss biking in Paris

What is your style solutions for successful sale shopping?


  1. I don't like to buy basics in the sales because sales shopping often requires 'compromise' (i.e. if I am buying a white t-shirt to wear everyday, do I want the reduced one with the slightly different neckline from the one I like? No).

    Instead I look for classic items which might usually be outside my price range but which I need to invest in - but which can be a bit different in a way a basic cannot. For example, good black evening shoes (which can be OTT or unusual), leather handbags and silk scarves. These have scope for being 'unusual' - I'm not looking for something the same as ever but quirky so it works with the sale.

    Oh, and socks. They reduce socks when the change the design of the pack from 2 pairs grey, 3 pairs black to 2 pairs black, 3 pairs grey. I haven't bought expensive socks in years!

    1. Hi Perdita - oh I agree I only buy when it is classic items, reductions on basics is only ever minimal but it also depends on what your definition of basic is and what you think is classic. Love the sock tip!! xx

  2. Hi! Glad you keep on blogging! It has been a while since I was gone, but it's great to see that you are around!

    I normally try to get unaffordable pieces during sales time, but sadly they aren't always available and they strategy is always comfy

  3. I was naughty with the sales in Europe ... :-O


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