Monday, 1 July 2013

Beauty basics

I gave in to the Times paywall malarkey. Subscribing is an necessary evil for my work and I've found it really handy and more satisfying than reading Femail and getting side tracked by what is and isn't moving out of the Saatchi home.

If there is one reason to bite the bullet and pay the one off fee rather than a monthly subscription then it is Sarah Vine's Best Beauty Buys (for when you are over 37).  Money and age aside the products really are in the main for any age. 

Some of the items are on the more pricey side but more in the mid price range rather than the high end. In amongst her list is a wonderful beauty basic which I've tried and can attest is the business and it is £8 from Sainsbury.

To cherry pick the full list here is the link to it on The Times - Best Beauty Buys

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