Thursday, 18 July 2013

Not birthday suit & fan

How to keep cool and stylish in the heat is a tricky one. It is not so bad when you are on the coast with a bit of sea breeze but in the city or town it is a different matter.

My favourite option of a weekend, where ever I am, is shorts, a shirt and a hat. My personal preference when wearing shorts is always to team them with a long sleeve shirt (happy to roll sleeves up) or a kaftan tunic top. Conversely at night on holiday I like nothing better than short tailored (even sequin) shorts with a silk short sleeved or sleeveless top plus heels or wedges!

photo at Borth, Cerdigion, Mid-Wales on 13/7/13
hat Accessorise, shirt M&S, shorts M&S, sunnies Polaroid

photo in Hong Kong South beach Sept 2012
shorts Oasis, top Juicy Couture (2004), sequin jacket Baukjen, bag Urban Outfitters, sandals Boden

It is a formula that works well in the same way jeans with t-shirt and Converse pumps is an easy default of a weekend or school run.

I've spotted a plethora of maxi dresses and skirts over the last week which is often a better look of an evening I find or for a weekend barbecue but all in all anything is better than too much flesh although it was so hot the other night ones birthday suit and a fan was the best one could muster!


  1. I know what you are going through, it is so hot in Arizona right now!

  2. Agree re birthday suit and a fan, just praying we don't get burgled although it will scare them off!

    1. Haha - that would be a hilarious encounter xx

  3. You look great. The only problem with shorts, I find, is the way you get the tracks on the backs of your thighs of whatever chair you sit on. And if the chair is plastic, you get audio as well!

    1. That is so true - I have perfected the sitting on the edge of seat style, sort of sideways saddle thing, this ensures only material is in contact. xx


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