Monday, 12 August 2013

Head to Toe

Remember those days of fashion pronouncements? The ones that were so rule driven you were scared to step foot outside in case you had FAILED. Well we all know those days are long gone. In fact most fashion rules have been debunked although there is always my personal favourite from Coco Chanel, 'It is always better to be slightly under dressed'. I find these words suit me most of the time but occasionally I think there is no harm in ignoring such wisdom completely.

Which bring me to the notion of not wearing a designer head to toe. Why not? Chanel did nothing but. I suppose the idea was to encourage more shopping across more labels. Behind every fashion pronouncement there is a marketing manager methinks.

When I saw this image I thought how lovely, what a great look and why would you not just do it all. I give Boden.


  1. Hi there!Some gorgeous pieces at Boden this new season, love those slingbacks!

  2. Well, with respect to Coco, that's crap advise. It's always more fun to be overdressed. (Of course, you need to be the right frame of mind to carry it off-- if one feels like a shrinking violet, then dress like one!) I love when people dress up to go to parties, or for drinks at the bar, or anywhere. They elevate the whole environment! Overdressing always an act of exuberance and joy and I think it makes people happy (even if they also think you're nuts).

    (Background to above rant: I've spent past few months chained to my desk writing in my pajamas and have vowed to myself that when I resurface I'm going to overdress every day. Not good-taste overdressing (Audrey) but 1970s housewife hostess gown on a Tuesday afternoon overdressing. I'd do the valium and martinis too, if it was going)

    Fashion rules: white high heels. They used to be a universally respected taboo, but apparently they are "in" now. I don't care-- they're disgusting. They just don't look attractive on feet, simple. My rule, and I'm not breaking it.

  3. I go with "Don't wear anything that wears you" - which I made up myself actually.


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