Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Dear Germany (UK & US)

This blog is interrupted to promote my new day job. Well its one of my 3 day jobs, as a freelancer I think if push came to shove I would do anything. I have long recognised the value of earning and juggling work when you can get it. However when you have children this isn't as straightforward. It was fine when Mr MDS had a less demanding job and the petit garcon wasn't as school I worked pretty much as I'd always done except the production companies I worked for got really hit in 2008 and 2009 by the banking crisis. Adverts weren't recommissioned so quickly and music videos got more low budget than they already were. I still had some retail client but that has changed drastically and I no longer do any personal styling work except for the odd wardrobe.. I've always had an affinity with organising wardrobes seeing as the fashion cupboard was my first job.

Luckily I still get commissioned to write a few fashion pages for magazine otherwise I would have no funds. What I never knew about myself when I longed not to work and spend days lolling around reading books and watching films, was that I would loathe having nothing to do. I couldn't abide not to have a project or means of earning income. Even if I won the lottery big style I would have to do something, I would certainly do voluntary work.

Basically what I'm saying is if you or you know someone who lives in this country, the United States or Germany who would like to earn their own income by selling jewellery as an independent retailer (called independent stylist to sex it up!) then please contact me- my details are here

Essentially I am an independent Stella and Dot stylist and am building a team of people who like me need and want to earn their own income. It requires determination and effort but it is fun and more importantly it is jewellery - nobody gets hurt! I love the fact I can do as I please with no one to answer to other than myself but also grab some motivation if I need it. It is a joy to wear the jewellery and I like the social nature of it. I've never worked in sales but have always had to sell in stories, concepts or my services. The step change to selling products is fine.

Stella and Dot is poised to launch in Germany soon so it is an amazing opportunity to get in early and set up your own low cost business with immediate returns.

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