Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Style Steal

I love the aesthetics of Jil Sander, Marni and Prada. Away from the main collection they show at fashion weeks they have an array of staples which give you that sharp pulled together stylish look. However in the words of Take Me Out 'no lighty'. Of course I love their dresses and much more, but I can't put or keep my light on since I do not have the funds for such sculptural treasures.

But thank goodness for COS which can always be relied upon to create a dress of structural significance that gives you that Prada black dress look without the funds.


  1. I adore COS! There's a shop in Brussels (there's none in Scotland, so this is a novelty) and the euro prices are the same as the pound prices which is nice. I've bought one dress in the sale so far but I think I'll go back again in months to come. Though their cuts are really better for the long and straight figure, there's not much that has a waist!

  2. I love sculptural clothes but like you the pennies won't stretch. I got a VW Anglomania dress at Xmas (well for Xmas but in the sale)... but I love this one, much more within my normal price range!

  3. I like the dress a lot and the price is just right too xx

  4. Love COS, really not keen on black! Such a draining colour for most people, especially me! Give me some pink any day!!!


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