Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Petit Chocolate Style

It is not often you hear the phrase 'we had a fun day out with River Island' and rightly so because it would suggest we were a family of shopperholics. Back to River Island  - it was the Chelsea Girl of my youth, when it was the go to shop on the high street once you'd managed to wrangle your way out of M&S and C&A and Clarks shoes. Apart from the occasional outing to Fenwick to get a nice outfit I mainly hung around in jeans and t-shirts from Chelsea Girl, Gola trainers and an Adidas hoodie. It was all so simple then!

Now River Island is still delivering the goods for the younger market, although I still think River Island is always worth a look for shoes, and is also entering the field of kids wear. Hence why I and the petit garcon had a fun day out. It was choctastic heaven. The lovely PR team had invited the young models for the kidswear campaign and some press and bloggers children. I had just filed a piece on their swimwear and was pleased to meet the helpful team. I just love this River Island Pacha swimsuit.

Petit garcon and I lazed around in the morning before hot footing it into central London to River Island press offices. It was a cold miserable day but that was completely forgotten as the joy unfolded. I lost the garcon to a world of making chocolate, face painting and an entertainer with balloons. I actually did pig out a little on the chocolate handed round but tell me who can resist especially when it was all Green & Blacks!

 Lots of preparation before getting stuck in!

                                                                                             Petit garcon loved the flamingos used in the campaign shoot -a boy after his mothers heart

  A selection of the boys wear - petit garcon choose an 'outfit'


 Some great girls clothes too!

I was really impressed with the clothes, the design and the quality. For boys the items are a great addition to the high street in respect of choice and price. My favourite the boys yellow New York t-shirt retails at £6.00.  In London the children's clothes are at the River Island shops in Brent Cross and Westfield at Stratford. The range will be available at selected River Island's across the UK.

Finally the petit garcon received his spoils and happily modelled them straight away.


  1. Cute! River Island is one of my fave HS shops.

  2. What a great event and petit garcon has great style!xx

  3. Agree I like the t-shirt, the hat and the red pumps! What age does the range go up to?

  4. Not so petit no more Madam!
    Growing up xx

  5. River Island kidswear is 3 to 12 years!!

  6. Your writing and spelling is atrocious.

    Please don't blog until you know how to use language correctly. So tired of you people.


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