Tuesday, 10 July 2012

This Christmas I give you ...a preview

It was actually sunny last Wednesday in London town. It rained in the morning but by 4pm there was a sweltering heat which no one really believed was happening. After my day temping as a personal stylist, it was like riding a bike, I took my assistant for the day with me to the M&S Christmas press day.

The lovely Annabel, the NHJ Style Academy intern

Although before I share the M&S press day info, I have to say that John Lewis Oxford Street is now a wonderful place to shop. Everything has improved, the area, the buying, the changing rooms and the lovely staff are more chipper these days. I was so impressed and as much as I am not a fan of 'diffusing' brand clothes into lines the home grown John Lewis range now appearing as John Lewis, Collection by John Lewis and John Lewis Weekend are much improved. The same point needs to be made as I did with M&S 'know your audience' or how will you cater for the future (Luckily I'm still on the M&S press list because I do love them!). The items are a little on the conservative side but there are some gems and the quality is pretty good. I think John Lewis need to look at Maje and see how they can adapt and grow the Collection by John Lewis element if they really want it to be a success. I did put the client in a great little knit from this range and both Annabel and I agreed we'd get one.

Having successful re-styled the client we walked to the M&S event via a quick late late lunch at Pret in St Christopher's Place. We were so busy chatting we missed the ruddy big snowman marking the event! Re-tracing our steps and spotting the bouncer and snowman (durr) we entered into a winter wonderland. Sadly there was no ice cold temperature to accompany it.

 I wanted these deer

 Hoping to persuade petit garcon into one of these for Christmas Day

 Sorry for blur but I was super excited to see a Christmas penguin

I loved the throw, gorgeous feel and perfect colour - a must have!

 Waylaid by drinks, this was a cocktail made with the Damson Gin 

 A perfect tree

 And a divine table arrangement

 I know we were meant to be here for the fashion but the foodie bit was way laying us, all I can say is peppermint bar and a chocolate nut one in gorgeous tins are the fashionable choice for Christmas gifts.

 Finally, made it to the clothes and I headed straight for the Doris Day/ Marilyn Monroe inspired rail. It was very Marilyn in  How to Marry a Millionaire (1953) or Doris in Pillow Talk (1959)

 If you need Mad Men back up in the underwear department look no further

 My favourite dress which was in the Autograph range

 Perfect lounging around at home attire 

 There were some nice details on the garments

 A nod to Downtown appeared in the use of devore

 A surprising good peplum dress in the Per Una range *coughs* - a better green than in this image. A great dinner date dress and good sleeves. I might be a joiner!

 Another good dress from Per Una *picks herself up* in the Speziale bit of it

 And then on the way out I couldn't resist these utterly adorable gorgeous dresses for girls. I even got a man cooing over them too, they were so cute.

I also had a delightful goody bag and as well as some great Christmas items including Damson Gin which I'm saving for the festive frolics ahead there were some rather super beauty products. including the Docteur Renaud Raspberry Soft Cream which is divine if like me you love raspberries. In fact the range of beauty products at M&S has gone into over drive and there are some great choices including cult French brand Nuxe.

After a full on day I was very happy to get home to Patches Valentino who was waiting patiently for my return.


  1. what a divine puppy! Love all the Christmas stuff. Must put the tree up soon x

    1. It was you I was thinking of when I saw and took the photos of the tree and table arrangement!! xx

  2. Agree about that peplum frock and the fur collared coat looks devine!

  3. That is the cutest dog! Is it a Jack Russell?

    1. He is a Parsons Russell Terrier - bit bigger than a Jack Russell but similar xx

  4. That white fur collared coat is gorgeous, I want it! Patches is adorable! x

    1. Have I turned you to the High Street!! xx

  5. oh wow, my partner has a Jack Russell called Patch lol. Love the purple lacy top btw.

  6. Wow! Wonderful collection. some good outfits here. i love the dos. it's so cute. Such a great pasteurization blog.

    shot for slim


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