Tuesday, 3 July 2012

All in the detail

In some respects I feel sorry for lots of retailers as this weather has probably put paid to impulse buying or buying of any kind. How pointless have many a summer purchase been unless you are off to sunnier climes. Anyway I'm no longer concerned with this season as I have the Christmas press shows to go to starting this week. Yes folks in fashion magazine copy terms we are talking Christmas.

I keep meaning to do a post on the Louis Vuitton press day I went to back in April I think but keep forgetting so it remains on my to do list, which is a constant battle. I would love to complete my to do list but ..then again the sun might shine! I took images and concentrated on the detail. I have to confess the Louis Vuitton A/W12 collection is a bit Downton Abbey for me. I love Downton but have no desire to dress in such a manner. However the detail in the garments, the buttons and bags are wonderful. True quality and fashion craft.

My favourite show was Valentino although as usual I loved Prada and Marni. I freely admit to being a faux Italian and when the shows arrive at Milan I'm happy. Valentino has been an incredibly successful transition with  the dream team of Chuiri and Piccioli - not names that trip off the tongue - and whilst Valentino isn't for the masses (i.e. me and my budget!) there are details which always inspire.

The shoes were my kind of shoes. Elegant but enough of a detail to make them wearable in many ways not confined to dramatic status on the catwalk. Differing heights, heel styles and finishes in one simple design. Perfect for when you feet want to walk and hit a style note rather than a scream of agony. Make mine 2 inches please.

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  1. There is not one pair of shoes there that I wouldn't love. How lucky were you to go to LV! x

  2. That last pair of shoes is perfect.

  3. The shoes are fab but I am in love with that red dress. xx

  4. I just pay all my attention to those model's shoes, that's pretty beautiful!


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