Monday, 30 July 2012

Olympic Fever

It is a moment in time I have never experienced before so you will have to forgive me for my indulgence and continued Olympic fever. I had no idea when seven years ago they announced London had won the Olympic bid that I would be living here or going to the games.

On July 6th 2005 I was driving my car along Zetland Road in Bristol listening to Radio 5 Live as they announced the decision. I was also pregnant. The next day London was hit by bombs. Mr MDS was working in London as he did a couple of days a week, as did I. We happily commuted from Bristol to London as required. When I worked for Orange it was usually 3 days a week, when I became freelance it was as and when. I knew he was all right even though I couldn't contact him because the mobile networks would go into agreed disaster protocol. I also had to switch off from it all as I was 5 months pregnant. I just lay down and didn't move.

The most poignant moment of the opening ceremony on Friday night was in the midst of a fantasy of bonkers Britishness a moment was taken to remember all those who wouldn't be with us due to the 7/7 bombings. Londoners or commuters from elsewhere in the UK and visitors from other countries, they were remembered because one minute it was all happiness and light the next grief and disbelief. They are not here to be part of London 2012 or to ignore at their will.

Now it is here and I am making the most of it. I officially have Olympic fever. I am throwing myself into it all because I can and I can share it all with the petit garcon. I fully appreciate not everyone likes sports but this is a live pageant of performance. Twice I have stood by a roadside to cheer on men and women cyclists from all over. Yesterday one minute I was being high fived by a police outrider, the next it was torrential rain as they went past!

 Roadside on Saturday for the men's cycle road race

 Bradley Wiggins captured by me!!

 Official London 2012 image of race, as you can see these were the conditions, this shot is taken were we were and I couldn't have done it.
Tomorrow I go to see the Volleyball at Earls Court. I was very fortunate to apply for four events in the first ballot and got tickets to see two of the four. Next Monday I will be watching water polo in the Olympic Park.  And it is now I am regretting not buying replica kit or Olympic apparel from the Olympic Shop when they sent me all those emails eons ago. Because now it seems the only way to go is fully kitted out in the gear as anything else seems somewhat dull and try hard.


  1. Loving it all, the house is suffering from my t.v. addiction, talk about couch potato!

  2. I was blown away by the stunning cauldron!

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