Saturday, 25 August 2012

High Street Pick of the Week

Transition. Trans-seasonal. Transit. All of these things are going on.The trouble is most of us feel as if we've been cheated, our S/S12 never really happened and it seems hard to get worked up about the coming fashion season when we've been layering up or down quicker than you can say 'shower'.

Muggy weather makes for muggy style decision but I need to remind you that the coat buying season is upon us! Coats you scream! 'I want to get my legs out and feel the warmth of the sun'. Okay, fine, ignore these wise words at your peril - if you want the coat you really want then sally forth and buy.

I'm utterly torn between a grey oversized number from Cos or the pale pink crombie care of M&S. When it comes to cost, colour and ease of wear on balance the M&S one wins hands down.....race you!

PS There is currently 20% off the coat this weekend!

PPS I am off on my hols and no it is not to sunny climes, rather a return to the homeland so that is wet and windy Wales fyi.


  1. You guys had a rough summer! Damn!

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  3. I love the pink blazers! :)

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