Thursday, 9 August 2012

Olympic fever continues

I do feel I am in danger of spontaneous combustion. My addiction to the Olympics is all consuming. If I'm not at an event, I either watching tv or viewing on iPad or constantly on twitter or BBCi site for latest information.

There is no specific event that I haven't watched or read about or talked about. The fact I had to file some copy earlier this week was an up hill chore. I'd always thought having an Olympic event on the doorstep would be good but I didn't it would be AWESOME. That is not a word I have ever drawn upon except in irony and now I know of no other modern day word to encompass all my mix of emotions.

The trip to see the water polo at the Olympic Park was all it promised to be. Everything was just fabulous. The only downside was the sight of the two McDonalds, just plain wrong and the queues, I was gob smacked and luckily the petit garcon was immune to it. We were right proper British and popped into M&S at Waterloo and got our provision for lunch from there as well as a few additional things I'd prepared at home. The fact I'd paid for the tickets a year ago and we had travel tickets with our Olympic tickets - it really was a cheap day out.

 We are here moment!!
 A reluctant poser

 The wild flowers were lovely
 The water polo hat, this belonged to a Hungarian player before he discarded it poolside as the strap broke.
It was the fashion accessory of choice for the water polo fans to wear old caps!
 The enthusiastic supporter of the Hungary water polo team.
The dedicated water polo arena.

 Dressing gowns at the ready!

 Hungarian and US team huddles prior to swim off at start of match.

 It does remain one of my favourite sports. I would happily coach or support a team every week so I am so glad I got to see it at the Olympics.

This was our view a lot! Every time Hungary scored. It was great to be part of it and join in with all the support.

The petit garcon used to the great outdoor space along the canal to do running, vaulting and turns, his own mini Olympics.

 And finally I had to go and glimpse the rings at Tower Bridge as part of my fix!

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