Friday, 3 August 2012

The Olympics keep on giving

It has taken over my life, well not just mine, lots of people in fact. Suddenly the telly on all day no longer means you might be sneaking a quick viewing of Cash in the Attic. In fact not watching day time tv suggests you might be an Olympic downer.

On Tuesday the petit garcon and I hopped on the District Line to Earls Court to view the volleyball. People I have never known London so calm, organised, clean and communicative. Yes there are a few issues namely empty seats but they are in the main in the £450 price bracket areas or a few £20 ones which you can imagine a few people decided after months of rain to jump ship and head for warmer climes not realising that Olympic fever is gripping.

Anticipating the fashion for wearing the branded kit, I fought the growing crowds in the Kingston John Lewis and snagged a couple of hoodies and a top. I'm glad I did as wearing Olympic garments was the order of the day. I do wish I'd taken a snap of the red Moscow 2000 t-shirt a guy was proudly wearing with his white jacket and jeans combo.

All in all our Earls Court venture was fun and we happily supported Italy to a win in the volleyball in lieu of team GB action.

 Cool as a cucumber on the tube
 The high five season continued en route to veneu
 Cafe stop
 Moi in my team GB top as captured by the petit garcon
 Petit garcon was very happy to see the soldiers
 I can't imagine what it is like to be 6 years old and in the midst of the Olympics, I felt this image captured it in someway

 Free face painting while we waited for the match

 Couldn't resist the opportunity for Olympic torch action

 Italy v Argentina (Italy in the white)


Even my nails were suitably painted - all in Chanel I'd like to add, Pirate, White Satin and Denim


  1. Brilliant day! Envious of your having tickets to any event. But we're TV front row supporters. And I love your Team GB top - quite the nicest I've seen. I've bought and wear the Next Team GB scarf (as has the Duchess of Cambridge who I've seen wearing it in photos).

    Petit Garcon looks so adorable in all your photos. Lovely to spend fun times with your babies before they grow and leave the nest next week (or so it seems looking back). Cx

  2. Glad you're having so much fun. I'm enjoying watching swimming and gymnastics on TV even though the competitions are aired well after the fact here.

  3. Glad you're both having such a fab time! Love the manicure be shouldn't you be rocking the Barry M? Best of British!! xxx
    PS Thanks for the book! x

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  6. I'm so sad because I'm didn't able to go to London to watch Olympics..


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