Tuesday, 20 November 2012


Everyday I find myself bombarded by emails from absolute tosh. Really really rubbish emails from companies purporting to sell fashion and other things with a ridiculous intangible 'fashion' link. How do these people get hold of me!?

Luckily this in on my gmail account but I spend time I really don't want to unsubscribing from these hideous emails. Then on my business email account I get at least 8 French emails a day, which, guess what I have to unsubscribe from but they keep coming back.

This unsubscribe malarky is taking over my life. Time I could use for writing, responding to proper emails, tweeting or making a call. HOW did this happen. WHO decided to send out these emails and WHY me? I realise having a blog is half the problem but just because I have a blog which incidentally I  have had for six years doesn't make me a BLOGGER. I blog but I am not defined by this fact.

Yesterday I was finishing off some copy so I could soothe myself with edifying fashion pictures. I am sure if I was floating around in this number at home 'unsubscribe' would be more bearable!

image: style.com Gucci S/S13 

Do you have to unsubscribe?


  1. The thing I get the most of are emails in pigeon English telling me they want to give me loads of money due to some inheritance/financial loophole. Thankfully most of them go in my spam but it annoys the hell out of me!! xx

  2. Tell me about it, I have been trying to unsubscribe from a dodgy dating site for ages,it looks like I get more mail from them than ever before now.

  3. I just delete the emails but need to unsubsribe!

  4. Hi there!! I have unsubscribed emails, but they seem to 'ignore' my requests so I delete them too like Mrs Fab!! Love those Nine West shoes xx

  5. Delete delete delete. If I have every unsubscribed and they ignore it, I tweet about them. Of course if they use email spam as a marketing tool, they are unlikely to be switched on to SM

  6. This!!! My first job every morning is deleting and unsubscribing from all the spam that lands in my inbox overnight. So frustrating!!


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