Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Dress or shoes?

When it comes to the festive season if your budget is tight I always think it is a good idea to choose where to spend your money. Rather than split the budget over two items in the vein of 'they will do', why not look in your wardrobe and see what you can wear again with ease and then use the budget to get what you love.

What you choose to spend the budget on really does depend on whether you are a dress or shoe person. This year I only have one formal do to go to the other is an annual stylists night out so that is another level when it comes to dressing! Luckily I do have enough in my now officially full wardrobe to select for both occasions, however if I had to choose I think I might go for a dress. There are two high street dresses I love based on their cut although they are top end in terms of high street pricing.

I have shoes to work with both these dresses (court or sandal style would suit) so the budget would go on either one - whichever suited best and was in stock. But of course if you are a shoe person then you can forgo the dress, choose a good pair of shoes to wear again and again. Taking my dress hat off, these pair of beauties would work with any dress.

How handy is a shoe called papparazzi especially when it is in the sale. 

What would you choose if you could only pick one item  - dress or shoe?


  1. I love that FC dress. Claudia Winkleman looked fab in it on Strictly x

  2. Hmmmm....would depend on what I had in my closet. If I had a good dress that could be made festive with the right shoes, I would go for the shoes. But if there is no dress....LOL. In reality, I'd do what I did in my just-out-of-school days, try to get both on sale!

  3. I struggle to find good dresses for my size so I usually will pick a shoe instead. However if I could find a dress like those that you've picked out then I'd definitely be choosing a dress over shoes this year. xx

    1. What size are you? Or more importantly shape - size is always an approximate. Bust, hips or tummy?


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