Wednesday, 4 March 2009

More more more....

What's not to like about ASOS. Firstly it is egalitarian, it doesn't matter what you budget is you can find a nifty item and it easy to search on colour, price, brand or style. And now it offers designer brands that aren't as heady in price as some internet shops. ASOS's designer offering was launched on February 20th and is adding new items daily.


  1. Hi there-I agree, ASOS is always worth checking out!

  2. I love ASPS too..especially since the shopping there to here isn't too steep!

    x Grayburn

  3. There's a competition on to win a whole outfit from the asos designer collection if you're feeling lucky and want that beautiful dress!!!

  4. i just window shop because its so exxy in aus dollars. boo
    i love your blog lady.
    ive added you to my uk blogroll. hope we can exchange :)

  5. Yet to buy from ASOS, but now I'm even MORE tempted!

  6. I'm always afraid of buying online and most of the shops don't ship international or if they do the post prices are more expensive than the stuff.
    And I'm in love with some shoes...


  7. Nice post.
    I love the second picture.=)
    Love the yellow top..;D
    Keep on posting friend.Have a nice day.

  8. Stop taunting me! I can't do ASOS, due to the stupid conversion rates and postage costs. Now I really, really want those two outfits.

  9. Cacharel by Eley Kishimoto - major swooon. You know I haven't really fully investigated ASOS, must rectify. xx


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