Sunday, 22 March 2009

A Farewell in three parts - part 3

This is it the final post! Weird for me in lots of ways as I feel as if I'm cutting off a limb - excusing the dramatics it is truly a part of oneself the blogosphere. For the last 18 months all my major decisions have taken place on it. Firstly when I moved back to London in September 2007 after many years absence, the blogosphere was my friend and introduce me to events and people. Seriously I had/have nothing much in common with my immediate neighbours in our suburban setting. Then it propelled me back into writing when I stopped being just a voyeur and began posting. The first post was January 3 2008 and the first ever fellow blogger to comment on my blog was Enc of Observationmode.

For me blogging saved me from the dreaded toddler groups and mothers meetings that I fear. Instead I was amused by Mrs Fashion(sniff,sadly no longer with us), adoring of Style Bubble, in awe of Coco's Tea Party and Mahalo Fashions ability to post such glorious stylistic posts. Then I developed firm favourites as diverse as disneyrollergirl and Sharon-Rose Vintage. I could go on for ever...

I love the fact one can pour forth all manner of stuff and share minuscule details of your life which creates a community of friendship and support. At first the thought of meeting a fellow blogger is synonymous with stalking! Truly you do worry if you've just entered a sad phase of your life where you haven't admitted you are devoid of social skills to enable you to make friends 'naturally'. Despite the fact you have a family and 'real' friends in the first place. Oh how easily that is overcome after your first initiation, and suddenly you are breakfasting, lunching, partying and drunkenly falling out of taxis with your fellow bloggers. I swear The Luxe Chronicles shoved me out of the taxi at my tube stop in her haste to get home!! And what fun you can have in the name of blogging - who can forget my August 08 boyfriend plus ripped jeans experiment

The other aspect of blogging is will power and discipline. I have gained oodles of both by blogging. So much so my New Year resolutions have held to date although I'm seriously wavering on the clothes one. I'm not a vintage gal, I tend to be more of a fashionista blended with my own taste and now my age (note to self: still have to grow up and achieve grown up look). Whilst I've refrained from buying anything new with the exception of my ebay sale purchases I'm drawn to a few updates although mainly to support a big piece of freelance styling work I've got coming up. But I have truly learnt less is more. I have worn my wardrobe more successfully and worked it harder by not buying new things!

But of course the biggest impact on my life is my MA in Fashion and Film. Because of this I need more time to attend to my dissertation/project ...but I don't think I can completely sever my connection (go cold turkey) with the blogosphere so I shall continue posting with Fashion and Film...therefore my new blogging name will be filmupstart to fit with my twitter profile - I know I've succumbed to it! It is goodbye from me as make do style but hello as filmupstart - you need to know this for when I leave comments!
Here is a taste of Fashion and Film with a trailer found for me by a Fashion and Film reader on youtube - here is the link as it won't load on my blog Coco avant Chanel.


  1. gawd, I wish I spoke French! Will have to wait for subtitled version. Auvoir Make Do- Bonjour filmupstart?

  2. Hi there-sniffle, sniffle, I just can't believe there is no more Make Do Style, I shall really miss you, but will look forward very much to your visits and our inevitable get together too. I wish you well on the Fashion and Film blog and see you soon!!! Au revoir to you and le petit garcon!

  3. NOOO DON'T GO! Well at least keep in touch! I'm going back to LDN next month! Blogging can be demanding, I'm trying to find ways to make it less time consuming but it's hard;)
    I hope you come back sometime and thank you for metioning me. xxx

  4. It's not a farewell more a change of address or a small facelift...I look forward to the change of pace as we talk film or rather you talk film and I listen. Thanks for ALL the laughs, comments and just being Kate the

  5. Goodbye to a great blog, it's been a great read over the last year and I look forward to dropping by your Film blog a it more. jx

  6. Its to sad. But I understand, it does take a lot of time! I hope to see you around commenting though. Love

  7. Say it ain't so!!
    I have throughly enjoyed your blog - and I will miss you new posts appearing on my Blogroll!

  8. Okay, see you over there, then. I hate goodbye's! xo

  9. This is too hard to read through...breaks my heart :(


  10. feel sad! when somebody leaving, good luck anyway!


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