Sunday, 9 September 2012

High St Pick of the Week

The joke is, it is a jumper a good old winter knit and the reason it is a joke (for non UK residents) is that it is utterly SWELTERING. We've been enjoying a late summer. The last time I was this hot after the summer was when we honeymooned in Rome. Then it was totally roasting too and it was at the end of October.

Yesterday I packed away my summer clothes and re hung any winter items I had folded up and put away. I did so in anticipation of this not lasting and I can make do with a few items and also I was packing for Hong Kong too. My trip to Hong Kong is business but I'm up for burning the candle at both ends to make the most of it. I'm a judge and speaker at the 14th Fashion Eyewear Symposium and it is all very exciting. Of course I got this gig because of my work in fashion not because I blog. Sometimes being a jobbing person does pay off! I'm away for 5 days from Tuesday.

Back to the high street pick. Despite the heat the jumpers are in store so get to it and get a knit. This season a knit is for everyday and going out  - just wear it with a pencil skirt, maxi skirt (or layer over a maxi dress) or jacquard trousers and add some heels or ankle boots. Top style tip don't wear heels with the maxi skirt or dress. Choose wisely and it will be the best buy of the season. It was hard to make the right selection and my choice is based on colour, knit and multi ways to wear. Go up on size if you worry about a knit being too fitted as oversized is completely back in favour. If you are frightened by such a bold colour then go for a grey knit as grey is a good neutral. My top budget tip is just buy one knit, wear it to death and get a collar, a scarf and a good necklace to dress it up and create different looks from day to day.


  1. Love that green colour jumper, perfect pop of colour. I was trying on Winter coats last week - every shopper thought I was mad when I asked if I could pull on a jumper to see what the fit would be like with layers - I was pretty sweaty betty by the end of the session

  2. We've been having that kind of weather ... yesterday I wore a coat, today I was out in the garden in a spaghetti strap top!

    Hope you have a wonderful trip. Looking forward to heaing all about it.

  3. Love that colour but it doesn't love me sadly.

  4. Wo,wonderful collection.Its so simple,neat and good look.I like this color of the jumper.
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