Sunday, 23 September 2012

Style Crush

It isn't very often I have a style crush and in fact this one dates back to 1996 and me doing sit ups in the gym. The No Doubt 'Don't Speak' video used to play so often I felt bereft when it wasn't playing. I just wanted to look like Gwen Stefani in this dress. My hair (then) was pretty similar but I could never find the dress to recreate my style crush! Also my eyes weren't brown so I knew I wouldn't look as good....

Oh and I went down this route of Gwen and listening to 'Don't Speak' due to reading a blog post by Wendy Brandes. I lost an hour of my life staring at Rihanna's chest and then moving on to Gwen!


  1. Hi there!! oh yea, the dress and hair are bang on, some ladies do 'effortlessly stylish' so so well! thanks for your lovely comment, hope you're having a good weekend! xx

  2. I love, love, love Gwen (and her red lipstick!).

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