Monday, 17 September 2012

In the mood ...for Hong Kong

Judging a design competition and giving a presentation in Hong Kong called for a lot of thought regarding looks, clothes to take and budget of course. I was very lucky to be loaned a dress by Boden, it is a dress I wanted to buy to wear specifically in Hong Kong but they were out of stock. Hence Boden PR team to the rescue.

My desire for the dress was based on one of my favourite films In the Mood for Love (2000) by Wong Kar Wai. In it, a love story of two people who restrain from an affair with decency, the actress Maggie Cheung is costumed in amazing dresses. Not being blessed with her figure nor the dresses I wanted to create a similar look. A look and style that suited me but gave me that feeling of the film.

The Natalie dress fitted the bill. It had a similar shape although more loosely constructed. I liked the grey option and needed it to go from day to night.

I had already bought the black crossover wedges, and I can say I wore them for 8 hours without a twinge, and needed the dress to complete the look. I had a bit of drama with the wedges too as the person misheard me and thought size 4 was 36. Again Boden's customer services were amazing they turned it all around in 24 hours. All in all a complete fashion crisis was avoided.

The first attempt at a photo was hopeless due to the light. I wanted to ensure it was very clear I was in Hong Kong!

Instead we managed to take one in the lobby and get a Hong Kong taxi in the background. I wore this outfit first to judge a design competition. I will reveal more of the design competition later when the Hong Kong government reveal the winners in late October or early November.

Then the outfit took me from day to night at a banquet at the Jockey Club. The outfit was a great success based on me feeling good in it and loving it as well!


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    1. Haha I think he might secretly love me too!!

  2. What a fab outfit and stunning backdrop! x

  3. I love your luck and the film inspiration behind it. Sounds like you are having an amazing time. xx

  4. You look wonderful, what clever styling

  5. I love, love, love the fashion in that movie. Exquisite! Great inspiration.


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