Saturday, 1 December 2012

High St Pick of the Week

In some respects unless you have presents to get or are in dire need of a new party outfit or the heel of a trusted pair of shoes have broken - do you really want to shop now? I never set foot in a clothes shop after November until the end of January if I can help it.

My biggest worry in December is my love of all that glitters and sparkle, the shops are stacked to the rafters in delightful little numbers. I just want it all, hence the avoid. Then when it comes to sales and January I prefer to stay at home with a book or watch a film. I really do hibernate in January.

But enough of me - who by the way has been ultra busy this week, hence neglected blog soz - and back to the pick of the high street. Given there is so much to choose from it is hard to have a pick that is fully reflected of the offerings.

I think you will thank me for this truly versatile little number as it is getting really cold and this could be a useful clothing tool in the fight with Jack Frost.

It is the lovely colour, that suits all, for this time of year. It is easy to wear on show or hidden under dresses, jumpers and tops to keep you toasty. Better still, wear it at home with some silk pjs on, the top of the pyjamas open and you sipping a mug of hot chocolate whilst watching television - now that is an indulgent all round perfect December night you don't want to miss out on.


  1. This is the kind of top Stacy Lomman needs me to have more of!

  2. I like the idea of this under the pyjamas!

  3. Sold! That top under silk pjs, mug of hot choc (or better still, glass of wine!), tv and fire ... you're talking my language :)


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