Monday, 10 December 2012

Last ever ebay .... I cannot take anymore, ebay is officially a drain these days. However I do have a lot of items I need to sell as I declutter my life. The big clean out of my home will take place in January but I thought I would start early in December to get into the swing of it.

It is no secret that since completing my MA I have struggled to settle into a new career. Many of my fellow students from LCF have all found things difficult since graduating in 2010. The reasons are obvious given the economy and whilst it has been hard I have stuck to my dream of merely (or is it solely) being a writer. I am ending 2012 having finally got to the place where I wanted to be - a writer.

In January Girlynomics will be available to download from Amazon and I have recently won a couple of writing gigs (old school I know) and the blog is hosting a number of sponsored posts, something I've resisted but the bills need to be paid. Then in 2013 I start the new novel, because at last I am in a dedicated position to write fiction and finish the old film script. I do have a few styling obligations to honour but that is fine.

Along the way I have supported my ambition by dabbling in other ventures as I had to pay back my career development loan and contribute to the household coffers. Ebay and Stella & Dot were two sidelines (in addition to my styling work) that assisted my independence but thankfully now I can kiss it all goodbye!

Therefore....drum roll... I have made my final ever ebay listings of my jewellery samples and a few items of clothing that have been one off items (a vintage dress) and a couple of things I loved when I got but I have never been able to wear them. Isn't it madding when you really like something and that feeling doesn't dissipate when you try them on but somehow after that moment they never really work.

Anyway here is the link to my ebay page and the items for sale EBAY SALES LINK- take a peek, tell a friend and this truly is the last ever time I will be doing an ebay listing!

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