Monday, 4 March 2013

Comfort & Joy

In reality sharing the following information in this post brings me little comfort or joy. I have agonised over baring all - not what was done but the photos I will be sharing!  If I take you back to last year I went to find out more about anti-ageing at The Cosmetic Skin Clinic. To follow my journey from slapping it on (creams) to getting it on (anti-ageing arsenal!) then read this post - Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda.  To pick up where we left off, I had numbing cream over my face. The fact is the moment I put that cream on my face or rather it was applied I felt that zsa zsa zsum of anticipation and dived in. I knew I was going to become a non surgical anti-ageing junkie.

To date I've shied away from even thinking about or discussing botox and fillers based purely on seeing really bad plastic surgery jobs in New York on people who were over the age of 60. This was back in 2007 which was my last visit. Equally I have witnessed some awful non surgical application of both filler and botox. Yet as I have got older and moved nearer to the M word certain things have come to pass.

Mainly I have noticed my face becoming more jowly and less plump. It is the plumpness that gives you that fresh faced look. In fact think of your face or skin in general as a tablecloth. What we need is a nice tight fitting cloth on the table but of course what we end up with is one that gets a big baggy and that room allows for sagging!

In noticing things, I've felt more curious about what one can do. Having saved a shed load of money to pay off my college debts by buying basic face and body creams and really not noticing a shred of difference I began to think the experts were right - it all boils down to your genes and the ageing process. Quite frankly no amount of cream is going to save you from the natural aging process.

The only barrier to my dipping the toe into the water, aside from the expenditure, was fear. Fear that I'd look weird or odd. Part of the reason for not saying whether or what I have had done was because I wanted to find out what people said.

Let's start with family mother, father and one of my sister's haven't even notices. MrB only had an inkling due to some slight bruising and even then I didn't tell him about everything. A few friends mention my cheeks, others didn't notice and one, only one friend commented about my forehead. Not one single person has noticed anything about my lips.

All of this is a testament to the experience and deft hands of the team at The Cosmetic Skin Clinic and the products they use. For me the anti-ageing treatment recommended was fillers and botox. The cheek, mouth and nose area were treated with Emervel rejuvenation filler to lift the face and thereby add volume to the area of most volume loss. The amount injected was a minimal as possible and it took place over two sessions which really gave the most natural enhancement. Additionally, Azzalure (botulinum toxin type A) was injected to the forehead to diminish the deeper lines and create a more even tone but not to eradicate natural movement. Nothing about me has essentially changed except everything is in the right place. Less eyelid dropping, less pronounced frown and worry lines and overall a fresh face in the morning, which after showering and application of facial moisturising no longer fills me with dread. Honestly if there was one thing that has really changed it is attitude. Because the Cosmetic Skin Clinic is committed to delivering natural enhancements and rejuvenation of the face it means anti-ageing is not about looking drastically younger but looking fresher, more at ease. My attitude has changed so much people notice my hair and what I am wearing, they think I 'look well'.
It is time to step away from the 'done' look and be satisfied to tackle just the effects of ageing. Top tip step away from pouty lips!

When does the ageing process kick in? The honest answer is it is different for everyone. Certainly in your 40s you will begin to notice your skin is less elastic and it starts to lose some plumpness and colour. The colour loss is the illuminating fresh look of youth. By the time you enter the fifth decade, your 50s, the aging process is well underway. I know hardly the most uplifting facts but there you have it. Think about adding a budget for anti-ageing, start in your 40s and select the right approach in respect of keeping it real. That means no trout pout or Kylie eyebrows! Less is always more in fashion and it seems the same is true in non surgical cosmetic approaches to keeping ones face 'lifted'.

And now for the bit where I share the pics.... Excuse my hair in the first photos - I had had it tied in a ponytail and didn't get a chance to brush it (opps) but in fairness I wasn't expecting to take the plunge. I did just turn up with my notebook and pen.



And there we have it! I am wearing more make up in the before set on my eyes and mouth. I don't think I am wearing any on the after ones except some mascara.

Treatment using Emervel and Azzulure was undertaken at The Cosmetic Skin Clinic 01753 646 660


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    1. Haha I am now a convert after being a sceptic!

  2. Hi there!! You really look amazing- great results xx

  3. Looks great! Subtlety is definitely key.

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