Thursday, 28 March 2013

Pick of the Week

Where to begin? I'm actually meant to be writing about bikinis today for a magazine and I don't have the strength to contemplate setting about this task based on the continuing cold. I mean come on is it worth banging on about S/S13 clothes on any level given the weather. In my wardrobe there hangs taunting me the brightest yellow trousers from Topshop Unique.  It feels like I purchased them to hang as a wardrobe installation.

When it comes to picking something to purchase or wear I'm  considering forgetting the idea of seasons and thinking  purely in terms of something all year round. Which actually isn't that exciting although it is extremely practical given my best buys have been my thermals. Of which I am now considerably accomplished in how to create a look wearing them. However there is a longing, a longing to skip bare legged so this weeks pick is a skirt.

Toast's Tippi skirt says sunny days and skipping. It is a glorious mix of colour and whilst my other half might cough 'tablecloth' I think it says Provence, lavender fields, walking in Richmond Park, picnics, individuality all whilst skipping. All I need now is the film set.

Tippi skirt from Toast £135


  1. Its pretty, now I'm thinking on wearing pretty nude ballet pumps with the skirt and carrying this really cute picnic basket I saw today. Roll on Spring, it can't come soon enough!xx

  2. I love it! I'm really into skirts at the moment (just when the fashion world is into the trouser suit - welcome to my world). Skirts are so easy, you don'd have to wash them after each use and you can vary your look, and you can wear a skirt in any season (as you say). I think I might have to pop over to the Toast site right now…

    Helena xx


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